February 26, 2016 Archive February 2016

#WhichHillary? Twitter trend calls out Clinton for hypocrisy on racism, Wall Street and war

Illinois Republicans target single mothers and their babies: GOP bill would ban birth certificates, financial aid if father is not named

Judd Apatow believes in Andy Dick: The vocal critic of Bill Cosby has nothing but "Love" for his old friend Andy

Facebook's tolerance deficiency: Mark Zuckerberg has to tell employees to stop crossing out "Black Lives Matter" on its signature wall

3 bills you should know about: Iowa, Virginia, and South Dakota tackle controversial proposals

It's why UR still single: Millennials aren't impressed by suitors with bad grammar and spelling

America has a white guy problem: From Donald Trump to #OscarsSoWhite, our "diversity problems" are all connected

The "Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS" experiment was everything wrong with Democratic politics

Donald Trump blasts "dope" Mitt Romney in Twitter tirade over tax returns

"It's a literary novel that ate a pulp paperback": Novelist John Wray on "The Lost Time Accidents" as science fiction, romance and seedy Third Reich thriller

The myth of sexual peaks: You'd be surprised at what age people claim to have the best sex

Oscar 2016 is almost here: Here's who will win — and who should

"The Revenant" is Trump, "Spotlight" is Bernie: What this best picture race tells us about our divided America

Scalia's elite hunting pals: Meet St. Hubertus, patron saint of rich guys with guns

The GOP hopefuls are getting beyond ugly in the most entertaining debate to date

Tonight's Republican debate is 4 minutes old and Patton Oswalt already won it, repeatedly

"If Trump hadn't inherited $200 million, he'd be selling watches on the streets of Manhattan," whatever demon possessed Marco Rubio claimed tonight

Marco Rubio redeems himself by destroying Donald Trump and his lame Chris Christie impersonation

Bill Maher on Trump's out-of-control debate performance: "You have one hour to stop this man!"

"Unintelligible yelling": CNN's closed captioner is fed up with tonight's GOP debate and doesn't care who knows it

7 astounding conservative confessions about Donald Trump and the dismal state of the GOP

GOP doomsday is at hand: The Donald is positioned to win yuge on Super Tuesday

Trump Rules in effect: The Donald fields softball questions while Hillary gets grilled

GOP falls into Obama's trap: Vetting a Republican for the Supreme Court was crafty — and confirmed the right cares about power above country

The media is calling Bernie's "political revolution" dead — and completely missing the point

Donald Trump loves Hispanics, but the feelings aren't mutual: If he makes it to November, they won't forget his toxic hate speech

Hillary Clinton has a race problem -- and it's resurfacing at a dangerous time

"Honestly, I see both sides of the story": What the hell happened to "The Daily Show"?

What Mitt Romney's impotent attack on Trump really proves: The GOP is totally screwed

Larry Wilmore: GOP didn't care when Thurgood Marshall replaced by Clarence Thomas, "a conservative justice who doesn't even f*cking talk"

Brian Eno: "Oscars’ swag bag is part of Israel’s cultural propaganda campaign"

"Oil for security": Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden describes cozy U.S. relationship with Saudi dictatorship in new book

Seth Meyers: Boy, would I love to watch Bernie Sanders destroy Donald Trump

Donald Trump had a very bad debate last night — but it might not actually matter

Sorry Marco, the Drudge Report stays loyal to Trump: The Donald dominates yet another post-debate vote

Paul Krugman: "Wingnut welfare" blinded the GOP establishment to the unpopularity of conservatism

Three bullies in a locker room: Rubio and Cruz came out swinging, but Trump's still king of the swirlies

This is the moment that GOP debate bickering became so intolerable that CNN subtitle writers gave up and captioned “unintelligible yelling”

1 in 2 black gay men and 1 in 4 Latino gay men will become HIV-positive, study finds

Donald Trump is basically invincible at this point: Cruz & Rubio waited way too long to fight back

The gun industry won: Republicans defeated the anti-gun crowd by shouting them down with temper tantrums and sheer nonsense

Lindsey Graham jokes about the murder of Ted Cruz and finally admits the GOP "has gone batsh*t crazy" in hilariously honest speech

Cheryl Tiegs slams Ashley Graham: Self-appointed "health" expert clutching her pearls over a plus-size model on the SI Swimsuit cover

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy is pure fantasy

Is President Trump possible? The obvious answer is "no," but it'd be silly to underestimate him again if he faces Hillary or Bernie

These 5 Oscar-nominated films prove that racism is entrenched in Academy culture

Paul Krugman: The GOP is delusional about who its own voters ever are

Lindsey Graham is trying to win the Internet at the GOP's expense — and may very well just have

We're not laughing: Trump reigns in latest, unsettling GOP debate

Internet mocks U.S. military document that calls Muslim women wearing headscarves "passive terrorism"

Chris Christie wants to be relevant again, endorses Donald Trump

"Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face": Marco Rubio's new tough guy approach is cute but falls flat

Watch President Obama lead a Ray Charles singalong at the White House

It is illegal to sell dildos in Texas and dogs can't drink beer in Maine: Here are 8 truly bizarre U.S. laws

Chris Christie gets his revenge: In a final slam on Marco Rubio, endorses Donald Trump

Delusional David Brooks: His blind spot for Republican nihilism has become pathological