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Bill O'Reilly's grand merde: The Fox News host's ludicrous "boycott" of France became the model for a career built on lies

Politics and sports collide: Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter team up to purchase the Miami Marlins

Sean Spicer doubles down on misleading claims about USS Carl Vinson: "Armada" eventually heading to North Korea

Trump's Russia dossier corroborated: FBI used document to obtain wiretap on Carter Page

Trump's "Buy American, Hire American" executive order won't even stop Mar-a-Lago from hiring foreign workers

Faceoff: Mike Pence wants to visit the North Korean border so people will "see our resolve in my face”

Budweiser wants you to sext more

Got their mojo working: The stars of "Hap and Leonard" discuss the second season's complex mystery and its brew of social and political commentary

How to succeed on music’s biggest stage: 3 approaches to performing at Coachella

Bomber jacket wars: Stagecraft beats statecraft in the Trump White House

WATCH: Can the future of food in America be as simple as one seed? Maybe

Follow the money: Sen. Grassley demands scrutiny of Medicare Advantage plans

Thirty years in the making: Antarctic surface melt more widespread than thought

Discrimination 101: How Koch, DeVos families fund hate speech on U.S. college campuses

Why is Jason Chaffetz running away? A rising Republican star doesn't just retire from Congress for nothing

Meet Jon Ossoff's Republican opponent: She made her name destroying the reputation of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Andrew Sullivan and the "model minority" myth: Columnist unintentionally reminds us that racism is the force that gives conservatives meaning

A Russian think tank discussed meddling in the 2016 presidential election, documents show

Self-driving cars vs. American roads: Will infrastructure speed bumps slow down the future of transportation?

(Un)lucky #45: Impeaching Donald Trump is not an option — yet

Trump's first war is here at home: A military-style assault on undocumented immigrants

Donald Trump is bringing back Trumpcare — because he cares about how his first 100 days goes

“We all saw this coming“: Here’s how late night TV celebrated the fall of Bill O’Reilly

Fox News staffers are worried that O'Reilly's departure is just the beginning: report

Staring into the glittery heart of Starbucks darkness

Dow Chemical gave President Trump $1 million for his inauguration. They now want him to toss a study on pesticides

Here’s Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent visiting Donald Trump’s White House

France's elections are just the latest in Russia’s shadow war in a wary Europe

Kellyanne Conway's free plug for Ivanka Trump really helped the first daughter's bottom line

Trump's wrong-way "armada": Strategic lie or idiotic blunder? Can it be both?

South Korea is disturbed that Donald Trump said Korea was once ruled by China

A new high: 61 percent of Americans believe weed should be legalized

Putin on the move: Russia is moving back into Ukraine, as the Trump administration does nothing

New Zealand's largest newspaper reacts to Donald Trump's ambassador appointment: Scott Brown is "a former nude model who supports waterboarding"

Aaron Hernandez found dead

Three members of Denver law enforcement suspended for mistreating a mentally ill prisoner

Donald Trump's base grades his first 100 days in office: B-

Manhunt: Intelligence community conducts investigation for WikiLeaks whistleblower

The no clue zone: 11 times Bill O'Reilly should've been fired, but wasn't

Bill O'Reilly's golden parachute from Fox News is almost twice as big as the payouts to his five accusers

Broken health care promises: The new Republican plan to gore pre-existing conditions protections

Ellen isn’t your scapegoat: Caitlyn Jenner has no one to blame for her tarnished public image but herself

Tomi Lahren's former colleagues at The Blaze turn on her: Glenn Beck fired her because she was difficult to work with

Jay Z tackles "Race" again: The rapper, Nat Geo team up for new docuseries