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Snuff goes viral

David Lynch does Dior

French bill to ban veiled faces would impose fines

The Gulf spill is no fluke

There's no reason we should be electing agriculture commissioners

Haiti leader vows to step down with "calm heart"

"Frat house" D.C. environment forced Mark Souder to have extramartial trysts in state parks

Times Square car bomb suspect appears in N.Y. court


Guantanamo detainee claims post-traumatic stress

Chris Dodd effectively kills Blanche Lincoln's derivatives proposal

Kagan papers emerge amid questions on abortion

Immigrant crossings into Arizona on the rise

Sad dads: Even men get baby blues

Philly Democratic boss Bob Brady tries to deliver for Specter

Rand Paul wins Kentucky Senate primary

Cannes' red carpet rollout

HuffPo editor on Miss USA's "whorish" past

Joe Sestak defeats Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania

Small crowd gathering at Specter party

In PA-12, Democrats win a McCain district

What did Dems just learn about November?

What Tuesday's results mean (and what they don't)

My grandma's biscotti makes everything OK

Arizona board begins work on training for officers

WikiLeaks founder has his passport confiscated

Why do voters hate incumbents?

In defense of women's colleges

McDonald's yuppie makeover explained

My dad's become a crazed right-winger

"American Idol" recap: Take a hike, Casey

Curfew comes into force in Bangkok

Nothing is working out for Blanche Lincoln

"The Good Guys": Bradley Whitford with a bad cop mustache?

Jack Conway, Kentucky Democrat for US Senate, could beat Rand Paul

Where is Obama on bank reform?

Chickens, beware: KFC extends Double Down

Lab: Fla. Keys tar balls not from Gulf oil spill

Cannes: How the bankers fleeced the world

Muslim anger prompts Pakistan to block Facebook

Attorney seeks to combine 100-plus oil lawsuits

Novartis hit with $250M in punitive damages

Does cockpit automation foster boredom?

Stoner food goes upscale

Will Richard Blumenthal drop out? And if he does, what happens?

Missionary accused of Haiti kidnapping comes home

Souder's mistress resigns

Germany's blitzkrieg against short-sellers

"Single Ladies" tots are ba-aack!

NYC bomb suspect looked at other targets

Mothers of 3 detained Americans arrive in Iran

Obama ramps up criticism of Ariz. immigration law

Mortgage deliquencies drag on economic recovery

Rand Paul is no outsider

J.G. Farrell's "Troubles" wins "lost" Booker Prize

House GOP stops major science, technology bill

Arizona's blackout blackmail

Anti-tax group backs Nevada GOP Senate candidate

Calderon visit lost in translation

Baby's first skinny jeans

Linda McMahon campaign accidentally posts video of Blumenthal telling the truth