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Cairo street art won't be white washed

"Nashville": "All About Eve" goes honky-tonk

Gallup poll shows Romney pulling ahead

Taliban shoot 14-year-old female activist

Today's news in pictures

Romney camp disputes Tagg shake-up story

"Homeland": Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Brody

Dumb tweet: Technologically averse to Twitter

Internet providers to bring in six-strike plan

Quote of the day: Big Bird bites back

Louis C.K. taking hiatus from "Louie": "I want it to stay funny"

Occubaby is born!

Is Obama losing women?

Weird news: Man dies after live cockroach, cricket, worm eating contest

U.S. government sues Wells Fargo for mortgage fraud

"The Iran Job": Love and basketball — in Shiraz?

Shock jock Neo-Nazi walks free

IMF's gloomy global forecast

Can Republicans scare their way to victory?

Stuck in American Samoa: Please let me come home

Hire me, I'm a volunteer!

Mitt's abortion Etch-A-Sketch

In "Glittering" return, Paglia lets loose

Jimmy Page says "no" to Led Zeppelin reunion

Romney's shameless appeal to women

Man behind anti-Muslim film to appear in court

GOP-led committee to hold hearing on Libya attack

House and Senate races get nasty

Tom DeLay to make case to appeals court

Wealthy whiners

Must-see morning clip

Chavez vows support for Assad in post-election speech

Moscow court frees 1 of 3 Pussy Riot members

From a TV show, a new Romney slogan for victory

Salon limerick contest

Hey, liberals, don't panic ... yet

Why do we care so little about female athletes?

Presidential sparring partners

Junot Díaz: My stories come from trauma

Rick Scott's phone sex mishap

Producers on making "Taken 3": "We've taken everyone we can take"

Polanski's victim is not a "sex scandal teen"

New Zealand issues Hobbit coins as legal tender

Supreme Court to weigh affirmative action in colleges

Anti-abortion GOPer pressured mistress to terminate pregnancy

Obama, Romney, and the bigotry gap

"Chicago Fire": The TV comfort food we've been craving

Alex Karras, former NFL lineman, actor, dies at 77

Junot Díaz, Dave Eggers among National Book Award finalists

Toyota recalls over 7 million cars

Romney, please leave "Friday Night Lights" alone

Video: Mitt Romney debates himself

Anger spreads over shooting of 14-year-old girl

Mitt's magical tax plan

Obama's hard housing lesson

"Little House on the Prairie": Tea Party manifesto

11 teammates testified against Armstrong

Joe Walsh attacks Tammy Duckworth for picking out a dress

Tunisian kids' magazine teaches kids to make Molotov cocktails

Walmart's Black Friday ultimatum

Hey, Joe, go for women!

Slave states vs. free states, 2012

"Clueless" actress Dionne supports Romney and gets slammed

Obama: "I was just too polite"

Rights groups: Ban solitary confinement of youths