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White House spins Obama's lousy jump shot

The antiabortion movement's brewing civil war

"Game of Thrones" attracts record viewership

Tenth Circuit will hear Hobby Lobby birth control benefit appeal

Antarctic sea ice expanding

Jews are now works of art

fun. at Radio City Music Hall

House GOPer: My son is gay but I'm still against gay marriage

Religious right leader links gay marriage and North Korea threats

Obamacare stiffs low-wage workers

Opening Day: Spring's other religious holiday

Lady Gaga reportedly turned down $1 million offer to perform at RNC

"One Night" with fun. at Radio City Music Hall

"God loves Uganda," hates gays

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef on his interrogation: "We reviewed punchlines"

I'm a self-publishing failure

My secret condom use

A Jim Carrey photo being auctioned to fund guns has been reinstated on eBay

North Korea claims it will restart shuttered nuclear reactor

White supremacists suspected in murder of Texas DA

David Cross: "I'm not a sad clown"

Suddenly, NYPD doesn't love surveillance anymore

Rubio isn't immigration reform's only potential saboteur

NYPD's Ray Kelly wanted to "instill fear" in minority youth

Connecticut passes strict gun laws after Newtown

Air Force to research "bioeffects" of weapons

FBI arrests New York state senator, NYC councilman

Obama to propose $100 million brain-mapping project

American student gang-raped aboard a moving van in Brazil

Bill Kristol: GOP shouldn't "cater" to young people on gay marriage

Leno and Fallon sing duet over "Tonight" show rumors, but Leno still holds grudge

Arkansas overrides veto of voter ID law

New York pols arrested in federal corruption probe

Must-see morning clip: John Oliver learns that guns are victims, too

Colbert to hold two fundraisers for his sister's campaign

British personnel reveal abuses at U.S. Baghdad base

New York begins sifting through 9/11 debris again

Our kids are on too many drugs -- and the drug companies win

How the Pentagon corrupted Afghanistan

When being HIV-positive was a crime

Donald Trump has "temporarily withdrawn" lawsuit against Bill Maher

Attorneys launch Whistleblower Defense League

Lean in, dads!

Hip-hop goes for gay marriage

Variety falls prey to Lady Gaga April Fools' joke

Pro-Hillary group presses supporters for pledges

Second GOP senator backs marriage equality

Google honors a feminist original

Is the NRA winning?

Washington state may require insurers to cover abortion

Alan Keyes: Gay marriage is the "archetype of all crimes against humanity"

My colleague died for peace

Baptist Pastor Calvin Butts: Marriage equality is "the freedom God has given you"

NYPD cops allegedly pepper-sprayed a baby

Living in a pay-to-win world

Jay-Z, sports agent?

Washington Redskin Adam Carriker: NFL's first out player will "depend on the locker room"

Is the gender revolution over?

U.N. adopts arms treaty

The future is now: Bubba Watson invents hovercraft golf cart

Ellen DeGeneres to star in "Finding Nemo" sequel, "Finding Dory"

Fred Le Chevalier haunts the streets of Paris

A reality star we didn't really know

Stop trying to split gays and Muslims

Do Americans still not get Reaganomics?

Adolescents aren't having sex!

Senate Appropriations chairwoman disavows "Monsanto Protection Act"

Watch: Rutgers basketball coach abusing players, throwing balls at their heads