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Senate Dem Tim Johnson endorses gay marriage

Morrissey: "Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity"

EFF and ACLU team up against CISPA

California businesses lead the charge to drop the penny

Margaret Thatcher, grotesque puppet

Blame austerity economics, not gay marriage

Ericsson agrees to purchase Microsoft's Mediaroom

Judge strikes down high-tech workers' lawsuit

Coachella to host Guantánamo-themed party

Bobby Jindal kills controversial tax plan

6 states that might criminalize taping animal cruelty

Sarah Palin thinks she's Margaret Thatcher

JCP ousts CEO Johnson

Why did LL Cool J participate in that "Accidental Racist" song?

Ed Rendell's fracking ties deeper than originally thought

Sequestration's stealth assault

House revives cyber bill maligned by privacy groups

Fox executive threatens to make network a subscription channel

I almost died in Syria

Why is Bush still controlling social insurance?

Obama "determined as ever" to pass gun bill

13 killed in Serbian shooting spree

Louisville captures NCAA title

North Korea urges all foreigners to leave South Korea

Flag that covered Saddam's face stashed in N.H. safety deposit box

Defiant Iran announces two nuclear-related projects

Syrian government resists chemical weapons probe

Brad Paisley: More daring than Dylan

Drone strikes linked to "unprecedented" psychological trauma in Pakistan

The woman who wrecked Great Britain

French president's camel eaten in Mali

JC Penney turns to former CEO

South Africa debuts single dose AIDS treatment drug

Arkansas pushes forward with bill to drug test unemployed

Beyoncé and Jay-Z trip to Cuba reportedly licensed by U.S. Treasury

Bloomberg gun group to grade lawmakers

Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert gets Bill Clinton on Twitter

McConnell planned to attack Judd as "emotionally unbalanced"

Christine Quinn tries to get Time Warner to pull attack ad

Colbert forces Bill Clinton to join Twitter

Government notifies lawyers of force-fed Gitmo hunger strikers

GOP’s backward sexual politics

This just in: Women prefer well-endowed men

New Jersey 4-year-old shoots 6-year-old neighbor in the head

The Reagan Revolution is over

America's forgotten recession

Brad Paisley on controversial record: "I wouldn't change a thing"

Anti-gay rights activists: We are the real victims of the marriage equality fight

Santorum: "Suicidal" for GOP to embrace gay marriage

Silicon Valley's education solution: More Big Brother

Evangelical pastor comes out in support of marriage equality

David Axelrod to write a memoir

Can the Great Depression help solve our unemployment crisis?

Are states still enforcing unconstitutional sodomy laws?

Republicans split on gun control filibuster

Herbalife auditor KPMG resigns amid information leak

Bee: Now tougher for nerds

Liberals should fear Chris Christie

`Target the underemployed, not just the unemployed

Down with the plastic lunch tray!

Exxon's Arkansas spill, perfectly lampooned

Lone Star college on lockdown after multiple stabbings

"Antiviral": New perversity from a new Cronenberg

Glenn Beck: The "principle" of gay marriage is right