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Jeff Bezos to buy Washington Post

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Self-portrait is a lost art

Vermeer, coming to a theater near you

Amanda Seyfried: "I'm not anti-porn at all"

David Lynch: "Sometimes it’s very good to go back and visit old work"

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My anorexic 9-year-old

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Scalia and Ginsburg inspire a new opera, "Scalia/Ginsburg"

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Al Roker didn't wake up for "Wake Up With Al" this morning

Gohmert: Embassy closures make U.S. look "like a bunch of cowards"

Watching Fox News makes people distrust science

Uptick in drone strikes amid U.S., U.K. Yemen evacuations

Massive "fatberg" unearthed in London sewer

Rick Scott to resume Florida voter purge

Videos show cops searching women's genitals for marijuana

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Gunman kills three in Pennsylvania

George W. Bush undergoes heart procedure

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Revenge of the "Abortion Barbies"

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