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Donald Trump: Cruz would "have to explain" his citizenship if he runs for president

White House: The grid needs updating

Study: Smart people are not less racist than other people

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London ordered to disable snooping trash cans

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My children were abused

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California enacts landmark legislation to protect transgender students' rights

A new kind of birther and death panel insanity explodes

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The "airpocalypse" is keeping tourists away from China

Tobacco state protest could hurt Obama trade deal

Another Obamacare setback

Oprah "sorry" for negative media attention on Switzerland

Frank Bruni: American "movies, manners and a set of mores" condone rape

New concern over additives in cattle feed

Must-see morning clip: Flo Rida talks butts on "Today" show

Gay couple seeks spousal privilege protection in Kentucky murder trial

Congressional rage at NSA secrecy grows

Fracking chemicals may be making oil more dangerous

Kendrick Lamar slams pretty much every rapper in the industry

Don't vote for Cory Booker today

Anger about inequality is dangerous

Teens flock to Twitter over Facebook

Even America's best paid women don't get equal pay

The government wants media gag for Barrett Brown

Is a hair in your food hazardous to your health?

Michelle Obama releasing hip hop album

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Fox outraged that Obama missed a golf putt

"Bee-friendly" plants may be contaminated with pesticides

Elites' deplorable double-standard on corruption

8 reasons we'll miss "Futurama"

Judge throws out racial discrimination claim against Paula Deen

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Study: Teenage drinking can increase risk of dementia

Kraft's supposedly hip Jell-O makeover

Induced births may increase autism risk

BP wants a second chance

How much is the "Ghostbusters" headquarters worth?

Virginia police department policy labeled all rape victims liars

GOP's pathetic faux-populism on Obamacare

The absurd honesty of Clapper's NSA review group

Her Majesty The Queen seeks a maid

Artist uses Phil Collins, Skype to construct online personae

Art sleuth claims to have exhumed Mona Lisa's skeleton

Detroit police department includes bra sizes, weight of female officers in email sent to entire force

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