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Barack Obama's cynical game: Why his strategy to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership is so disappointing

"Welcome to Sweden: Gay since 1944": Swedish peace group places Morse code-spouting sign to deter Russian subs

Christian fundamentalism is a capitalist construct: The secret history of American religion

"Shark Tank" funder says the only companies making money have female CEOs

Figures on government spending and debt

Samantha Bee crushes the late-night TV sausage fest in teaser for new show: "I think I'm kind of done with sausages!"

New packaging, same odious garbage: The GOP didn't "fix" its 20 week abortion ban

This is what ripping holes in Obamacare looks like: The horrific human cost of the GOP's anti-reform crusade

Fairy tales, fantasy and dangerous female desire: Celebrating Angela Carter, the literary link between Bros. Grimm and "50 Shades"

Sex: The last taboo of YA literature? Not anymore!

Sell your records, sell your soul?: How I learned to stop hoarding and embrace the cloud

I'm saving myself for God: True stories from evangelical purity culture

“Pitch Perfect 2”: Anna Kendrick's larger-than-life sing-along sequel earns a standing ovation

10 Things to Know for Thursday

When free-range parenting goes too far: How far "off the grid" should a family be allowed to go?

Consumer agency opens inquiry on student loan services

Jeb Bush is no better than Ted Cruz: Why his moderate rep is such a farce

The new cold war is here: Russians fear a U.S. invasion

One reason women should think twice about smoking weed before sex

Consumer agency opens inquiry on student loan services

Secrets, lies & government spies: What you need to know about the surveillance "reforms" that just passed the House

The right gets Jesus all wrong: 9 reasons why everything you know about Jesus is a myth

Progressives' looming challenge: Bill de Blasio, Elizabeth Warren, inequality, and a stunning blind spot

Marco "Dubya" Rubio: GOP's bright young hope promises to revive George Bush's calamitous foreign policy

What the New York Times gets shockingly wrong about the future of the Democratic Party

Bill O'Reilly: "Militant feminists and their enablers" will wield absolute power under President Hillary

Congress' destructive anti-Palestine agenda: The international outrage that nobody is talking about

Megyn Kelly slams politicians' derailment response: "How exactly did the infrastructure fail?"

Sean Hannity calls Jon Stewart a "sanctimonious jackass" for ridiculing Fox News' annual Spring Break freakouts

Customers say fraud at Haslam-owned chain went deeper

Jon Stewart lambasts the “rich buffet of bullsh*t” that is Fox News' poverty coverage

Hillary can stop campaigning now: Beyoncé makes appearance at Clinton fundraiser

10 Things to Know for Today

The 10 best "Mad Men" episodes: A critical ranking of the show's most memorable moments

"This is fixable": Rachel Maddow condemns government for failing to enact safety measures that would have prevented derailment

"The Simpsons" is losing Harry Shearer, voice of Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders

David Letterman shares one last, creepy smooch with Julia Roberts

Majority of likely GOP primary voters could believe Operation Jade Helm 15 is probably a federal invasion of Texas

Fox News should maybe be concerned about Gavin McInnes' mental stability

The religious right's No. 1 enemy: What Pope Francis' recognition of Palestine really means

We're living in an anti-choice nightmare: 25 ways anti-women warriors are playing doctor

David Letterman's retirement was prompted by Jay Leno's: 7 highlights from his Rolling Stone exit interview

Reza Aslan on religion in America: "Whenever someone wishes me a Merry Christmas I am obligated to say 'f*ck you'"

"We should all be ashamed": Why this week's Amtrak tragedy was totally avoidable

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

John Oliver laughs in the face of a reporter who calls him a journalist: "I'm doing the job of a comedian"

Texas school district health quiz features multiple choice question about pimping scenario

Marco Rubio's grand whitewash: Iraq, neoconservatism and the foreign policy catastrophe he wants us all to forget

Sy Hersh chews out interviewer: "What difference does it make what the f*ck I think about journalism?"

Why stop with Iraq? There's plenty more for the GOP to relitigate about the George W. Bush era

Save Pistol and Boo! Australia, please stand down from waging "war on terrier" on Johnny Depp's dogs

Roger Waters to Dionne Warwick: "You are showing yourself to be profoundly ignorant of what has happened in Palestine since 1947"

The David Letterman reflection on how he treated young actresses that only Julia Roberts could deliver: "What was the matter with me?"

New Jersey Republican joins opposition to "negative" AP high school history curriculum

Men's rights activists, beware: Reddit introduces new anti-harassment policy

“Your brother created ISIS!”: Student confronts Jeb Bush on George W's legacy of unrest in the Middle East

So you're working with mostly men: A useful guide to the masculine mystique

Letterman before "Late Night": The wild, weird early TV shows that launched his career

"The Simpsons" can't survive this: Harry Shearer is the soul of Springfield — if he leaves, fans will follow

Louisiana GOPer wants the government to help build Ken Ham's insane creationist theme park

Wingnuts wonder why feminists want to be like men if they hate masculinity so much