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Ted Cruz just moved a step closer to winning Iowa: Far-right Rep. Steve King gives endorsement

Guy Fieri slams Anthony Bourdain: "You have nothing else to f*cking worry about than if I have bleached hair or not? I mean, f*ck"

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Spare us your French flag filter: The self-indulgent social media performance doesn't help anyone

The disgraceful Charlie Sheen "tigerblood" jokes have started already: The actor reportedly will reveal he's HIV-positive tomorrow

"Why can't we take out these bastards?": Why the media's apocalyptic Paris response should be making you very nervous

Chris Christie is winning the a**hole primary with his callous refugee stance: Not even "3 year old orphans" welcome

"It’s talking to you, Daddy": How to explain your vagina's auditory abilities

We can't embrace hate now: In Paris, after the prayers, check-ins and acts of kindness, the real tests of compassion will begin

See ISIS up close: Vivid context for Paris attacks in this chilling Frontline documentary

"My infant died. He should have been with me": The horror too nightmarish to comprehend

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The next 8 states that could legalize weed within the year

Hillary's disgusting Wall Street deceit: The 9/11 gaffe that could come back to haunt her

This is what ISIS wants: How the right's bloodlust plays right into the terrorists' hands

The Washington Post's call for substantive coverage after Paris lasts all of a day

They're coming for Roe v. Wade: One swing justice might now control your legal right to an abortion

This CNN segment is everything wretched about our response to the Paris attacks

Must-see "Daily Show": "We are all afraid," says Trevor Noah in passionate Paris plea

Larry Wilmore just made "radical Islam" and Islamophobia funny: "Now these ISIS d*cks have everyone scared of me!"

"Fish don't like oil spills and neither do I": Finally, something environmentalists and conservatives can agree on

Charlie Sheen announces he's HIV-positive: "I release myself from this prison today"

Cowardly governors give ISIS a propaganda victory: Refusing refugees is a moral outrage & a strategic blunder

Cable news, cheerleaders for war: The establishment media's post-Paris bloodlust explained

Watch Kendrick Lamar crash a wedding to dance: A clueless guest orders him to "get the f*ck out"

Megyn Kelly's "radical Islam" meltdown: "They object to our belief system and way of life"

"Bravo @charliesheen": Support washes in after Charlie Sheen reveals HIV diagnosis on "Today"

The Donald Trump-Ted Cruz bromance is on the rocks: Trump vows to "go to war" if Cruz keeps rising

"Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this nation": Watch the candidates talk God

Oops! Rush Limbaugh hammers Obama for inventing "imaginary bigots" after the president paraphrases Ted Cruz

Obama sees himself as a "Tyrion," even if the GOP considers him a "Littlefinger"

#PhonyTedCruz: Rubio vs. Cruz war heats up as rival campaigns bicker over NSA surveillance

Charlie Sheen's dubious comeback: His new "philanthropic approach" doesn't erase his abusive past

Stephen Colbert lets ISIS have it: "They’re a bunch of pussies"

Erick Erickson soils himself: Conservative host now too scared to see "Star Wars" in theaters

"I hope, I hope you don't think all Muslims are like this": Muslims around the world react to Paris Attacks

Juvenile incarceration is a Dickensian nightmare: The shameful ravages of mass incarceration

"Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism": Watch drama, digs and most questionable statements from the second democratic debate

Texas lawmaker in NRA's pocket argues his state can't accept Syrian refugees because it's too easy to purchase firearms in it

"It reminds me of 9/11": New Yorkers liken Paris attacks to attacks on the World Trade Center

Koch brothers hijack historic criminal justice reform to make it tougher to go after corporate criminals

Bill Maher tangles with Stephen Colbert: The "Late Show" host brings out the best and worst sides of his complicated guest

The disgusting refugee panic: As with Ebola, ignorance dominates the GOP

Ted Cruz, ISIS propagandist: It's almost like the GOP wants another massive Middle East war