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Trans women in love, on-screen: This is the lifesaving next step in LGBT visibility

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A willful misreading of racism today: Fisher v. University of Texas is part of a general attack on minority rights

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"Are you losing your edge?": Stephen Colbert goes right after "hopeful" Michael Moore

"Sh*t year, really. 2015 was a sh*t year": Trevor Noah looks back at the year in horror

"Some people just need to die": Larry Wilmore's epic celebration of Martin Shkreli's arrest

Marco Rubio is pretty bad at this whole "campaigning" thing

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Paul Krugman: Rupert Murdoch-controlled media slams new Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt movie for getting 2009 financial crisis correct

Ignorant parent shuts down entire school district after complaining about "Muslim indoctrination" in calligraphy assignment

Larry Wilmore flashes back to his hilarious 1977 review of "Star Wars": "I once made love on a rug that looked exactly like that Chewbacca"

Deez Nuts beat out Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio as most searched politician in 2015

DNC sanctions Bernie Sanders for improper Clinton voter data breach

Bill O'Reilly: Donald Trump's supporters are like "the #BlackLivesMatter crew" — "they basically hate their country"

Of course your Emma is different: That's what all the Jennifer parents thought, too

Poll: 30 percent of GOP voters support bombing any Arab sounding nation -- even the fictional land of Aladdin

Anti-Muslim hate crimes have tripled in the U.S. since the Paris attacks

Florida mayor has had enough of Jesse Watters' "War on Christmas" nonsense: "You shouldn't be voicing your opinion on what Santa does and doesn't want"

This isn't a free speech case: Professor who calls Sandy Hook killings a hoax deserves to be fired

Ben Carson blasted North Korea for spending more on the military than the hungry. Has he looked at his own country?

"Well, I enjoyed that more than I thought I would": For all its faults, "The Big Bang Theory" gets Sheldon and Amy's big night right

Year of "human suffering": U.N. sounds alarm over the millions of refugees targeted by "xenophobic policies and alarmist rhetoric"

Donald Trump's bromance with Vladimir Putin: Echoing many on the right, Trump praises Russia's president as "a leader"