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New Snowden bombshells: Docs released by The Intercept show how NSA worked in Iraq and Guantánamo

"The Bachelorette" men are the worst: 7 reasons why this season is going to be a glorious disaster

"The Bachelorette" men are the worst: 7 reasons why this season is going to be a glorious disaster

Clinton's progressive balancing act: Hillary outlines Bill's potential role in the White House while her campaign looks to make a strong appeal to Sanders voters

Whoops? CIA's internal watchdog "accidentally" deleted its copy of the Senate torture report

The yelling and fighting at Saturday's Democratic convention was reminiscent of a Trump rally

Stop these Caitlyn Jenner rumors: Spreading gossip on transgender people’s struggles endangers lives

Just like a woman: I'm a feminist and I love Bob Dylan—even though I know I shouldn't

White privilege of Westeros: "Game of Thrones" finally addresses its racial politics

I don't feel your pain: Study finds Tylenol might be making you apathetic

Noam Chomsky: The Democratic party now belongs to moderate Republicans

The Kochs are brainwashing us: Inside the billionaire industrialists' chilling economics curriculum

The 10 best and worst cities in America to start a career

5 lessons America has failed to learn from the Iraq War

Obamacare gets an OK? A bastion of Republican ACA opposition might be crumbling

More ammo for Trump: Disputed New York Times story gives more credence to Donald Trump's media persecution narrative

Bubba's toxic economic legacy: When Hillary brags about the first Clinton presidency legacy, she doesn't want you to remember this

Donald Trump, president of the Confederacy: The Southern strategy created the GOP civil war

"There is hope for those who have suffered genital injuries": The first successful penis transplant in the U.S. just happened

How Koch Industries is scamming America: Investigation highlights a global web of tax avoidance

Samantha Bee just schooled the religious right with a righteous history lesson

Feminist warrior: Lindy West talks about fighting the haters and the power of women just being themselves

The powerless brokers: Trump's got the Koch Brothers running away from the general election and leaving their billions at home

David Brooks: Only corporate America can save us from social isolation

Megyn Kelly's capitulation to corporate pressure continues: She speaks to female executives who call Trump "tough, but fair"

"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling defends Donald Trump's right to "be offensive and bigoted"

Charles Krauthammer: Being a serial sexual harasser won't keep Donald Trump out of the White House because "there's nothing scandalous about it"

"This ad makes me feel like a pervert": A brief and very disturbing history of misogyny, "kiddie porn" and drug glorification in Calvin Klein ads

"Trump, a man frighteningly close to the presidency, is a crazy person": Seth Meyers on Trump's alter ego, John Miller

Stephen Colbert on Trump creeping out women: This is news?! We've known this for 40 years

"He's basically a Telenovela character come to life.": "The Daily Show" explains how Trump's tasteless taco bowl photo will stay with him forever

"I hope for Cthulhu or the sweet meteor of death": Chris Hayes examines the fear driving the #NeverTrump search for a third party candidate

Watch a sitting United States senator completely melt down on Twitter

We need female supervillains, too: “Iron Man 3” almost had one — but "that toy won't sell"

Humiliation, control and abuse: Women aren't people to Donald Trump — they're merely objects he uses to love himself more

"THANKS FOR THE TAB CHECK, RANGER BUDDIES!": Conservative Virginia congressional candidate forgets to close porn tabs before posting screenshot of his desktop

Another blow to small biz in U.S.? Amazon wades into the food and baby market with its own brand of products

GOP nihilism in the Senate: The Republicans' judicial insanity goes well beyond Merrick Garland

"Intellectual loner" Jonathan Franzen shows fallibility as "Power Player" on "Jeopardy!"

"Why do Donald Trump's ties always go to his knees?": Comedian Michael Ian Black is the undisputed king of Trump-trashing

Megyn Kelly, vulnerable and terrifying: Why Donald Trump should be scared of tonight's big interview

Bit of a shocker -- Bernie Sanders is the early favorite to be Hillary Clinton's running mate

"Family comes first": Joe and Hunter Biden's Popular Mechanics interview will make you wish you were a Biden

Television vs. Twitter: Pro-Clinton super PAC launches blistering general election ads --- Donald Trump lashes out on social media

"Kristen Stewart booed" isn't as bad as it sounds: At Cannes, heckling often means you're doing something right

Reporter "booted" from Trump interview for "speaking Spanish" didn't actually have a sitdown scheduled with the billionaire

How the CIA helped apartheid South Africa imprison Nelson Mandela for 27 years — and is now facing lawsuits

Vincent Gallo reaches new level of weirdness: Actor to sue Facebook after ex-girlfriend accidentally sends nudes to fake account

“We’ve thrown in the towel": New report reveals the real reason Rupert Murdoch backed down from his battle with Donald Trump

Bernie Bros out of control: Explosion of misogynist rage at Nevada's Dem chairwoman reflects terribly on Sanders' dwindling campaign

"None of you will ever see me again because of what you've done": Sinead O'Connor's disturbing open letter to her family

"Texas will not give in to President Obama's attacks on our values": Lt. Governor Dan Patrick posts anti-trans bathroom meme to social media

A penis transplant isn't a punchline: Mocking this procedure could keep many suffering in silence