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The Afghan War: To 2014 and beyond

At least 15,000 Myanmar refugees enter Thailand

U.S. issues new security rules for air cargo

Republican Foley concedes Conn. governor race

Prosecutors: Somali gangs ran sex ring in 3 states

Hockey Hall of Fame opens its doors to women

Republicans bribing Joe Manchin to switch parties

Canada to remain in Afghanistan past 2011

"Armageddon Science": Our coming apocalypse, explained

New posthumous Michael Jackson single released

Salon appoints new editor

When Bush's mother showed him her miscarriage

Think you have an STD? Pee on a microchip

Michigan official finally fired for harassing gay student

Car bombs in Iraqi Shiite cities kill 21

"Full Dark, No Stars": Stephen King's relentlessly horrible new book

12 takeaways from the Bush memoir

35 accused of shipping drugs from Juarez to Denver

Ed Felten goes to Washington

How the World Works goes to China

Scientists say beak deformities increasing in Northwest

Monday link dump: Music light and gay

My niece is being abused

When mom comes out

Guilty: Anti-choicer behind "wanted" posters

Eggs on the go: Taiwanese tea eggs

Taiwanese tea eggs recipe

Snacks on a plane: Your best recipes for traveling vittles

Chocolate-covered trail mix: Be kind to others

Chocolate-covered trail mix recipe

Hot chile nuts -- crunchy, sweet and fiery

Hot chile nuts recipe

I'm not leaving Salon!

"In the event of a loss of cabin pressure ..."

George W. Bush: The man who still won't blink

Can liberalism save capitalism from conservatism?

Jim Webb on Democrats and Wall Street

"Dancing with the Stars": Why is Bristol still here?

"In Treatment": Frances makes a big confession

Still loco for Coco?

"The Daily Show" on Olbermann's suspension

Cheney to Bush: "Mary is gay"

Jon Stewart vs. Olbermann, Maddow and Maher

Indonesia minister objects to Michelle Obama handshake

Ignoring "the American people" can be a good thing

Keith Olbermann apologizes to his viewers

Dutch police enlist citizens' noses in hunt for pot

Pentagon can't explain "missile" off California

I blame Craigslist for my stinky bed frame

Bush recounts Katrina, WMD mistakes on Oprah

Democrats lean toward caving on "don't ask, don't tell"

De Niro to receive lifetime award at Golden Globes

N.J. Transit gets $271 million bill for scrapped tunnel

Bush reads Coulter, and more from "Decision Points"

The greatest snack in the sky: Delta's cookies

Audiobooks for the people

Indonesia's Michelle Obama handshake scandal