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U.S. embassy in Cairo briefly disables Twitter account after Jon Stewart tweet

Anonymous rallies Twitter protest against CFAA

India enacts new, tougher rape law

Exonerated football player Brian Banks signs with the Atlanta Falcons

Story of Boston Globe team who exposed sex abuse in Catholic Church hits big screen

Greek government divided on emergency tax

Obama cuts salary in solidarity with sequestered workers

Wall Street power player: We're incentivized to cheat

Lululemon product officer out after see-through pants debacle

West Virginia county sheriff shot dead in front of courthouse

UN passes historic arms trade treaty to U.S. media silence

Bitcoin's crazy day

The original GOP gun flip-flop

I swallow my fear

Beyond hooking up

"Mad Men" returns on Sunday

Fast food workers plan surprise strike

NBC's "Hannibal" and getting full on TV violence

South Korea: North Korea has moved missile to its east coast

Hugh Howey: Self-publishing is the future -- and great for writers

Spare us your salary sequestration stunts

Connecticut governor to sign gun control bill into law

Slain sheriff had waged war on drugs

6 things you need to know about the Arkansas oil spill

Facebook to unveil new android product

Lance Armstrong returns to competitive sports as swimmer

Connecticut passes nation's strictest gun laws

Vietnamese turn to Scientology to treat Agent Orange victims

Reagan daughter: My dad would have backed gay marriage

Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert introduces "six degrees of humping bacon"

Global tax dodgers exposed

NRA's rhetoric on gun "confiscation" appears to be working

Gun Owners of America out-hardlines the NRA

Jeremy Irons' strange anti-gay rant

Times reporter called unethical for reporting on leaked Shia LaBeouf emails

Exxon controls skies over Arkansas oil spill

Are female pols good for women?

Another New York politician arrested on corruption charges

Fox News host: Firing abusive Rutgers coach is "wussification" of America

Capitalism funds natural disasters

Netflix announces "Arrested Development" release date and increase in episodes

Allen West gets grossed out by male underwear models

Has NBC learned from Letterman and Conan?

Climate change means mutant poison ivy

Texas A&M students pass measure to defund LGBT campus groups, State House considers similar proposal

Even a Mets fan can be optimistic on Opening Day

Deal with Justice Department could reduce ex-Enron CEO's sentence

GOP's new digital strategy is BuzzFeed

Is my cellphone giving me hemorrhoids?

Craigslist Killer sentenced to death

Not getting married is the new getting married

Christopher Abbott quits "Girls"

Reagan aide disqualifies himself from the conversation

Abolish the 401(k)

Newest "Great Gatsby" trailer teases with plot, music

Possible gunman on University of Rhode Island campus

For the first time a majority of Americans support legalizing pot

Georgia high school students fight to end segregated prom

Faculty call for Rutgers president's resignation over Mike Rice abuse scandal

SCOTUS, civil religious court

Hollywood eyes Chinese audiences in latest movie trailers

Wikipedia editors accuse professor of editing site with plagiarized text

Is Obama giving food stamps to Mexicans?

President Obama meets "Kid President"

Facebook unveils operating system-app hybrid for Android

Is North Korea preparing to test a missile?