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Thatcher, Warren haters: Don't cheer for death

Someone at the Vatican is illegally downloading porn

"Teen Mom": The porno

Mark Pryor: I still oppose gay marriage

"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" climbing U.K. charts after Margaret Thatcher's death

IRS to clamp down on identity theft

Stuff you can buy with foreclosure payouts

Dems appear to have the votes to break gun control filibuster

Bachmann aides block reporters at press conference

James Franco: I'm obsessed with "My Own Private Idaho"

Walt Jr. breaks bad in racy photo shoot

Is a more egalitarian Western Wall coming soon?

Fixing Obama's "fix it first" infrastructure plan

Bank stole your house? Have 10 pitchforks' worth of compensation

Twitter co-founder's parents fight to get verified Twitter accounts

Annette Funicello, beach blanket feminist

Elsevier: All your data belongs to us

Meg Wolitzer: Men won't read books about women

A much-needed post-Hannity snow day

Molly Ringwald and Jane Monheit: The universe knew what it wanted for us

I used to love the bride

Should I offer to help?

Tea Partier charged for threatening lawmaker over Agenda 21

Obama delivers $3.77 trillion spending plan to Congress

Congress nears deal on background checks

Will schools stop teaching typing?

Obama's forgotten agenda

The liberal media's gift to Mitch McConnell

Obama administration lied about drone targets

Cutting Social Security is no grand bargain

Air Force classifies cybersecurity tools as weapons

Lawsuit alleges Texas employer barred men and women from being alone together

Federal budget cuts ground one third of Air Force combat planes

MTV cancels "Buckwild" after star's death

White House courts progressives on chained CPI

Must-see morning clip: Sodomy, zygotes and welfare

Manchin, Toomey to announce deal on background checks

Senate's "Gang of Eight" reportedly reaches immigration deal

Pope Francis may be luring some lapsed Catholics back to the church

Melissa Harris-Perry doesn't want to steal your children

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a reality TV match

Anthony Weiner is mulling a run for mayor

Israel may be operating in Syria

Bailed-out banks misused funds to pay back TARP

Alec Baldwin reportedly in talks with NBC for late night spot

Jay-Z begins selling ownership stake in Brooklyn Nets

Teen commits suicide after photos of her alleged gang rape go viral

Are the culture wars really over?

Gay Marine on DOMA: "Ours is not the military family that things happen easily for"

Adam Scott announces sequel to "The Greatest Event in Television History"

Glenn Beck's favorite immigrants

Kickstarter might get you audited

Cuccinelli denied review of Virginia's sodomy ruling

Government profits on student debt

GOP embraces big data

Comixology, not Apple, responsible for censoring comic featuring images of gay sex

Senators unveil deal on background checks

New "Arrested Development" posters

Google's war against fake news

IRS may be reading emails without a warrant

Netflix teases with new "Arrested Development" posters

“Duck Dynasty” is a great sitcom

"Obama phones": Right wing's latest bogus obsession

Creed from "The Office" on Creed the band: "Are they a rap group?"

Evidence al-Qaida "received" WikiLeaks information permitted in Manning trial

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, cubed

Rand Paul tries to outrun history at Howard

Lithuanian tax authorities use Google Maps to track down dodgers

Johns Hopkins grants antiabortion group official status as campus organization

Study: We'll lose weight for dough

Arkansas Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood and sex education

Slideshow: How to sit like Don Draper