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Ogle of the day

Native American student denied diploma after wearing tribal feather in her mortarboard

"The Fosters" could be this summer's answer to "The OC"

Turkish riot police aim tear gas canisters at protesters

Apple blamed for 2010 run-up in e-book prices

New IRS chief: "Primary mission" is to restore Americans' trust

Jennifer Weiner and Teddy Wayne make up, liveblog "The Bachelorette"

When a surplus is really a deficit

Are humans getting smarter?

Law change spells end for Germany's longest word

Old Soviet domain is new haven for cybercriminals

SEAL Team 6 veteran comes out as transgender

Turkey's Twitter "curse"

The fat-shaming of school "FitnessGrams"

My sister bullies me

Man killed during protests in Turkey

UN wants more evidence on Syrian chemical weapons

I took Fox News' sexual harassment class

No, Neil Munro. Depression isn’t another word for “stress”

Sexual assaults could spur overhaul of military justice system

Steven Seagal, Russian arms salesman?

Pistorius back in court for hearing

Obama political appointees use secret email accounts

El Salvador's "Beatriz" in recovery after cesarean

Michael Douglas' rep attempts to clarify claim that actor's cancer was caused by oral sex

Dear everyone: Chris Christie is conservative

What to watch instead of "Mistresses"

Jill Kelley sues FBI, Pentagon over alleged leaks

House GOPer: IRS was using White House "enemies list"

Must-see morning clip: Your summer "do not read" book list

Listen: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's mother plays prison phone call with son

Colorado Dem faces recall effort over gun control support

New Jersey Dem: We'll take Christie to court if special election isn't this year

Manning: Well-intended naif vs. arrogant fame-seeker

Noam Chomsky: America is accelerating the apocalypse

Zynga's farms turn to dust

Antigovernment activist jailed for wasting the government's time

McDonald's desperately craving millennials

The farce that is Darrell Issa

Do primates practice religion?

Military: Sexual assault is "like a cancer"

Four things you probably didn't know about new "Girls" cast member Michael Zegen

Holder leak scandal devolving from game-changer to partisan spat

Reddit targets crisis pregnancy center over deceptive antiabortion practices

The question libertarians just can't answer

How "Girls" boys are like Bond girls

House GOPers: God told us to stop Boehner coup

Yet another way to retrieve deleted Snapchat photos

Channing Tatum decries meds: "I understand why kids kill themselves"

Judge accepts insanity plea in Colorado shooting case

Twitter reclaims unfunny "My girlfriend not allowed to" hashtag

New ad targets Ayotte for vote against background checks

Mississippi gov. blames working mothers for America's education woes

Glenn Beck interviews Glenn Beck about Glenn Beck

Why are we imprisoning prostitutes?

Israel to African migrants: Get out!

Want your partner to stay fit and faithful? Put it on paper

Christie calls for special election

Detroit's embarrassing new get-out-of-debt scheme

House of Lords overwhelmingly approves marriage equality bill

Wheat Thins joins the Twitter sexists