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David Vitter doesn't like Ebola aid plan because it "focuses on Africa"

Alabama pastor uses sermons to admit he has AIDS, slept with unknowing congregants

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Oregon governor's fiancee admits to sham marriage

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Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart ridicules ex-AIG head for being a cry baby

Texas GOP's gross delusion: Having to drive 250 miles for healthcare's just a "manageable inconvenience"

Is Georgia the next Senate curveball?

Stephen Colbert mocks Bill O'Reilly for not being openly Republican

The Daily Show rips into the GOP for pandering to the hippest interest groups

The Super Typhoon bearing down on Japan is absolutely terrifying from space

Obama may override Congress to close Guantanamo, report says

Steve Carell and Jimmy Fallon riff about salamanders and Anderson Cooper in "Word Sneak"

"Whiplash" examines the line between education and abuse

Sam Brownback's last-ditch Hail Mary: A deplorable voter suppression plan

The Nobels show the life and death fight for education

Microsoft CEO apologizes for ridiculous comments about women

Fox News' latest absurd Ebola theory: Obama wants America to "suffer with less fortunate nations"

Former NFL exec: Teams covered up "hundreds and hundreds" of domestic violence cases over the years (Updated)

We live in the most peaceful period in human history... wait, what?

GOP's scheme to frighten America: 4-point plan of Ebola, Secret Service, Border, ISIS

A massive cloud of methane is hovering over the Southwest, and it's bigger than anyone expected

Grain lower, livestock lower

GOP Senate candidate: Booker is winning because single mothers are "wed" to the Democratic party

Who is Thomas Perez? A look at the reported frontrunner to be the next attorney general

Stephen Colbert digs into the "white Christian establishment" and its defense of Columbus Day

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Call girls and "cover-ups": What to make of the new White House-Secret Service scandal

The majority of states are woefully unprepared for climate change

Pat Buchanan hates civil disobedience – except when it targets gay people

Dallas Ebola patient was sent home with 103 degree fever

Community Discussion: What comes after the plastic bag ban?

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Car crashes send 2.5 million people to the hospital per year

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Grain mostly lower, livestock lower

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Wells Fargo employee emails CEO asking for a raise -- copies 200,000 other employees