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The Price Is Right awards worst-ever prize to contestant in wheelchair -- a treadmill

"It’s pure authoritarianism": Glenn Greenwald exposes the link between Baltimore's uprising and the NSA

Right-wing media's big con: Why privileged, powerful conservatives pretend they’re underdog insurgents

Heart-wrenching photos depict animal rescue efforts after Nepal's earthquake

The ludicrous myth of Republican fiscal responsibility: A history lesson for the modern GOP

Christian developer creates "Kill the F*ggot" video game to show that gaming world is "too overly sensitive"

Noam Chomsky undresses Sam Harris: Stop "pretending to have a rational discussion"

Texas GOP lawmaker pushes to ban insurance coverage for all "elective" abortions

Anna Kendrick blasts Hollywood sexism: "I have to wait for all the male roles to be cast before I can even become a part of the conversation"

"He wants to take Kansas back into the Dark Ages": Waitress explains why she told off Sam Brownback

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"This is war": Sunday's attack by two radicals gave Geller a perfect platform for dividing Americans along religious and ethnic lines

Marc Maron won't talk politics anymore: "Now I’d rather deal with the source of that anger"

Julia Sweeney's "SNL" backstage stories: "You could just watch how many more Adam Sandler and David Spade and Chris Farley sketches there are, that white-male energy that I wasn't part of"

Neil Gaiman stands up for Charlie Hebdo: "For f**k's sake, they drew somebody and they shot them, and you don't get to do that"

TIPOFF: Paul '50-50' for Clippers; Bulls' Rose ready to play

Mike Huckabee is an evil genius: How the GOP candidate perfected the art of right-wing resentment

Beyond Sister Souljah and Zombie Reagan: How Dems can move past the stale '90s politics of race, and why Republicans won't

Murdered son, abandoned mother: Tamir Rice, police violence & the lasting grief of Black parents

Democrats' "protect Hillary" plan: How the DNC's thin debate schedule hands Clinton the advantage

A president for the tinfoil hat crowd: Mike Huckabee has his finger on America's (electromagnetic) pulse

Nebraska woman files lawsuit against all the homosexuals for being gay

Aide to Kamala Harris arrested for pretending to run 3,000-year-old rogue police force (seriously)

Justin Timberlake's hilarious new tequila ad settles it: He needs his own sketch comedy show

"Let's get rid of Ted Cruz!": Jon Stewart axes GOP's weakest link for 2016

Sorry, Rick Santorum: The Duggars are now a Huckabee family

Here's how you school climate deniers: The anti-science movement's biggest fallacies, debunked

Florida couple convicted for having sex on the beach -- and could face up to 15 years behind bars

Gun nuts lose their damned minds: The common-sense gun safety bill that's giving the NRA & GOP conniptions

Astronaut twins on the human body, Mars and space espresso

Amy Schumer tears into TV's boys' club with brilliant "12 Angry Men" parody: "Is she hot enough for basic television?"

Leaving your kid in the car is not criminal: Cops, judges and busy-bodies need some common sense now

ISIS claims to have 71 soldiers in 15 states ready to kill Pam Geller and any who defend her

Jon Stewart is ready to be done with "The Daily Show": "As much as I like work, nothing beats not working"

Senate Republicans are using border security as an excuse to cripple national park protections

You can't pin this one on women: Joss Whedon says it's "horses**t" that hectoring feminists chased him off Twitter

America's ugly whitesplaining epidemic: Baltimore, Freddie Gray and the media's utter cluelessness

"Grace and Frankie": This thin "Transparent" knock-off pits gay men against older women, and nobody wins

Carly Fiorina is finally getting the hang of Internet trolling -- she bought

There are trillions and trillions of habitable planets -- why haven't we encountered aliens yet?

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CNN's Chris Cuomo gets Twitter-spanked after boneheaded First Amendment gaffe

Prince to perform "Rally 4 Peace" concert in Baltimore: "A symbolic message of our shared humanity"

Baltimore's secret history of death: Racism, corporate greed & the most infamous mass-poisoning in American history

Bill & Hillary's hyper-capitalist disaster: How the Clintons can apologize for a decade of deadly policies

Key & Peele imagine a world without trigger-happy cops: "It's like a Utopia for black people!"

Meet the penis worm, the tooth-lined specimen from Hell

The terrorist attack that changed America -- and it wasn't 9/11: "The public reaction was even worse"

The world reached a scary emissions milestone in March -- and it's only going to get worse

Activists who raised $60,000 for Tamir Rice's family demand to know where the money went

"Like taking the bar exam at Coachella": 20 stars on why they quit Twitter

Video captures vicious anti-gay attack on couple dining at NYC barbecue joint

A full plate of hate: Texas lawmakers literally can't clear all the anti-woman, anti-LGBT measures off their desks

Pamela Geller's "South Park" idiocy: Satire, hatred and the right's faith-based fear-mongering

Joe Scarborough is a petulant child: Low-rated morning host shows insufferable arrogance, even when he's wrong

Jon Stewart decimates newly minted GOP candidates one by one

Political cartoons matter: Don't overlook this other PEN award in the Charlie Hebdo debate

Marco Rubio is a troll, not a senator: How the '16 hopeful went from "serious" legislator to hot mess

Tom Brady probably knew about the deflated balls, according to NFL report

Abandon your bipartisan fantasies: The Baltimore uprising won't make GOP get serious about urban reform

"The south will rise again," apparently on prom night: The giant parenting fail behind this viral flag-waving photo

Dinesh D'Souza's request for a "summer break" from community service gets slapped down by federal judge

Amy Schumer's subtle brilliance: "12 Angry Men" isn't feel-good feminism, it's crushingly dark satire

Radio is killing the guitar solo — and we'll lose more than our air-guitar skills when it's gone

Alberta just elected a bunch of Keystone XL-hating socialists into office