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This is on Donald Trump and Fox News' hands: Now their war on #blacklivesmatter draws real blood

Anne-Marie Slaughter says Princeton should take students seriously on Woodrow Wilson: "This is about that sense that we are watching black teenagers be shot in cold blood"

Democratic senator debunks GOP refugee fear-mongering: U.S. terrorists "are generally white males, who have shot up people in movie theaters and schools"

Who needs Maxim when you can hate women on Reddit and 4chan?

This must-read essay lights a match, aims for the sexist book world: "Let us burn this motherf*cking system to the ground"

Trevor Noah's just not funny: "The Daily Show" is a trainwreck -- I know, because I watch for a living

Mother of Muslim American 9/11 first responder rebukes Donald Trump: "Maybe it is time for him to go back to Germany and advocate his pro-Nazi policies over there"

Sarah Palin goes batsh*t on Seth Meyers: Talks madness about Syria, claims Louis CK apologized for mean drunk tweet

Men can become multi-orgasmic too: Enjoy the sexual perks of these simple exercises

"Can I baste my turkey with suntan lotion?" and 11 other incredibly bizarre Butterball Hotline questions

Faith after Ferguson: It's been 1 year since Michael Brown's killer wasn't indicted, and I learned what I really believed in

Putin has bested them all: How has the Russian leader gotten the better of Clinton, Bush and Obama?

Visions of a Nazi America: How "The Man in the High Castle" both sharpens and blurs the lines between "us" and "them"

The Donald can't be derailed: The bigot and congenital liar can say whatever he wants, and it makes no difference

Our democracy is completely unrepresentative: Citizens United, gerrymandering, and the real story behind the GOP's takeover

Donald Trump's racist revival: How the Republican Party has given new life to unabashed bigotry

Obama's post-Paris leadership: Pushing back against the alarmist temptation

Laquan McDonald is why Black Lives Matter: Race, the police, and the chilling reality for black America

Black football players should all strike: The one immediate move guaranteed to bring about immediate political change

Donald Trump is the last person on earth who gives a sh*t about who Time's person of the year is

Spike Lee's campus cure-all: "A sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment and date rapes"

There is still kindness and empathy in this age of mass shootings, Donald Trumps and Nazi subway ads

Hatred of ISIS is no justification for torture: Are you listening, GOP candidates?

Why white people aren't called "terrorist": The media accepts that "people who resort to violence are left-wing or Arab or both"

The false resurrection of George W. Bush: Don't be fooled by calls to reassess his loathsome legacy

Megyn Kelly: It's not "appropriate" for protesters to stare at cops, even if they have a 1st Amendment right to do so

Trump's campaign manager defends his candidate's 9/11 lies: Media is conspiring to bury evidence of his fictional story about American Muslims

"I can feel it": Donald Trump explains how he "predicted" 9/11

Donald Trump race shocker: Polls prove his success really is based on racists

We've been lied to our whole lives: 9 Thanksgiving myths you were taught -- and the actual history

We, the people, remain filled with rage: Race, Yale, p.c. and a nation spinning apart

Sherri Shepherd can't dodge child support anymore: Surrogate birth isn't a legal loophole to exploit

Don't be a crappy Thanksgiving guest: Here are 12 tips to make sure you're invited back next year

Ann Coulter mocks those offended by an offensive word: "I'll start using 'Mayor of Dallas' for a bit instead"

Chris Hayes rips Steve King for claiming not one Muslim immigrant has ever "assimilated": "Can you really defend that statement about 6 million people?"

Jewish Americans assaulted at protest calling for citizen's arrest of Israeli politician

Cruz's immigrant/refugee bank shot: Slamming Rubio for backing "amnesty" and Syrian refugees

Why I believed that dumb Pynchon death hoax: The elusive novelist is tailor-made to be the butt of bizarre rumors

People are celebrating this spy's release from prison. Here's what they should be doing instead.

Stephen Colbert just took Donald Trump mockery to a brilliant new level