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Inside the "Peepal Conclave"

Stop dogging Michael Vick!

Anti-Islam writer "infiltrates" Muslim conference, finds it "innocuous"

Steven Spielberg producing movie set in Kashmir

The man with the 3-D-printed gun

Steubenville defense case: Near-unconscious Jane Doe gave "consent"

Only liberals still bothering with Paul Ryan's silly budgets

Hagel orders review of drone pilot medal

Hundreds of Taylor Swift fan letters found in Nashville dumpster

Morrissey has severe pneumonia

Americans are united in their porn habits

Kristen Schaal to replace Mandy Moore in ABC pilot

Can crowdfunding kickstart struggling cities?

Danny Boyle: "Trainspotting" sequel is back on

I lash out at my boyfriend

The "Cannibal Cop" debate

"Spring Breakers": James Franco's outrageous Gatsby-pocalypse

How a bartender helped decide the election

Uncapturing a Friedman

Papal conclave goes to heart of Catholic mystery

Steubenville rape trial begins

53-year-old becomes oldest Iditarod champ

No "cyber Pearl Harbor" on the horizon

More black smoke: No new pope yet

World Bank gives $8.75 million to Sean Penn's Haiti charity

"Don't Frack My Mother," sings Yoko Ono and a fairly large number of celebrities

Is Obama's relationship with the GOP beyond saving?

Obama rejects Ryan's budget proposal

Rubio and Paul's CPAC showdown

Must-see morning clip: Nick Offerman on his cute, mischievious childhood

Fla Lt. governor quits over ties to firm under investigation

Mother of 13-year-old pushed out of a moving school bus will sue the city

Reality TV may have a right to be fake

Obama's push to cut SS annoys Dems, fails to move GOP

Anna Wintour's big promotion

Do Boy Scouts get a badge for surveying members whether it's OK to be gay?

GOP isn't really interested in balancing the budget

Dennis Rodman is waiting for the new pope in a popemobile and flower coat

Military-trained dolphin killing machines are not on the loose

"Bucket List Bandit" pleads guilty to bank heists

11 heinous lies conservatives are teaching America's schoolchildren

Surveillance software used to spy on activists around the world

A "Veronica Mars" movie is coming -- if we can fund it

The sheriff of Wall Street has its back

Paul Ryan and the problem with losing

Terrible reviews will not stop Atlas Shrugged 3

4 killed in upstate New York shooting

"Veronica Mars": The movie could be coming to a theater near you!

Texas faith leaders pray for increased access to contraception

Rand, Ashley and Mitch

Is North Korea all talk?

Is there a place for the mentally ill in pro sports?

Club for Growth intensifies GOP civil war

Selena Gomez, "Spring Breakers" and the tricky transition to adult stardom

Federal appeals court strikes down Virginia anti-sodomy law

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new pope

Nancy Pelosi and Betty Ford chosen for Women's Hall of Fame

"Rhoda" gives lessons in life — and death

Eyewitness is "certain" teen shot by NYPD had no gun

Farewell, sweet pope-free days!

Why does anyone listen to Jeffrey Sachs?

Lawmakers push for ban on horse slaughter

Hello Pope Francis