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News Guide: A look at latest Ebola developments

Dressing up as Ray Rice for Halloween: Sexist, racist, terrifying and trendy

Diminishing sea ice doubles chance of colder winters in Europe and Asia

Researchers: A massive amount of BP oil is coating the bottom of the Gulf

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Bill Maher under fire: UC Berkeley students petitioning against comedian's commencement address

Gun extremists' ghastly new low: A fight over "open carry" turns vulgar and scary

How the Dow Jones industrial average fared Monday

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What's the matter with Kansas? A dispatch from the front lines of its fight for marriage equality

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News Guide: A look at latest Ebola developments

New Alaska polls scramble Senate calculus

Michele Bachmann: President Obama is a "dictator"

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart wonders why Chris Christie has "to be such a d*ck"

Right-wing hacks' war on medicine: Why they botch Ebola, abortion and other health policy

Rick Santorum, Iraq truther: Original WMD die-hard claims his (unearned) vindication

Wendy Davis tells Jon Stewart: "I'm going to be the governor"

Stephen Colbert destroys "confused piece of gnocchi" Louie Gohmert for bigoted stance on gays in the military

"He's wrong, and he's also breaking the law": Why low-wage workers are suing Scott Walker

Will Neil Patrick Harris save variety -- or bury it?

Keith Olbermann tears apart "morons" in Ray Rice costumes

Top medical journal calls out Christie for "unfair and unwise" Ebola quarantine

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Bob Odenkirk drops hints about "Better Call Saul": "It’s 85 percent drama, 15 percent comedy"

Time magazine is just an embarrassing Internet troll now

Sarah Palin: Climate change is this century's eugenics

Rise of the American police state: 9 disgraceful events that paved the way

Want to set a bipartisan agenda? Talk to women

Cosmo bringing in male models to get out the vote in North Carolina

Police say they can't stop child molester from hanging out with "Honey Boo Boo" kids

Stocks up as more companies report strong results

"God is not a magician, with a magic wand": Pope Francis schools creationists

Bobby Jindal's master plan to win the White House: "Beef up" and gain weight

Wingnut columnist who wants South to secede and form anti-gay country called Reagan fired from newspaper

Hans von Spakovsky's "voter fraud" fraud: Creating a panic over a minor problem

"Queerness is a state of mind": Michael Stipe on the anniversary of his coming-out

Scott Walker knows the best way to support equal pay is to repeal equal pay laws

No Labels' Colorado sham: Why they're working very hard to help Tea Party senator win

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Wal-Mart's plus-size problem

Driving to an abortion clinic in Texas is really expensive

The Flaming Lips take a blow torch to "Sgt. Pepper"

Laura Ingraham: Democrats won't allow "the black population" off "the plantation"

Researchers: Not even a global pandemic can solve our overpopulation problem

Woman walks around New York for a day, is catcalled more than 100 times

Marvel Studios unveils phase three: "Black Panther" and third "Avengers" will be split in two