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Brooklyn bar staff fired for victim-blaming beaten woman and refusing to help

Here is a list of celebrities that are banned from SNL — will Donald Trump be next?

GOP libertarians are toast: Rand Paul's disastrous campaign is the end of the line

Who is Ben Carson trying to fool with his bizarre, insincere rap ad?: "He’s a more refined version of Sarah Palin"

Slipping away in the polls, Carly Fiorina rehashes her tired attacks on feminism: "The progressive view of feminism is not about women"

They don't make them like Ralph Bakshi anymore: "Now, animators don’t have ideas. They just like to move things around"

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are people, not playlists: Relax and embrace the new poptimist crossover power couple

"Tackling paid patriotism": Pentagon gave sports franchises millions of tax dollars to spread pro-military propaganda

Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are running against FDR: The Freudian theory behind the gold standard's kooky return

The Fat Jew gets the Fat Jew treatment: Someone posted his entire book online, "which would be awesome if anyone wanted to read it"

Ben Carson just can't quit lying: CNN can't corroborate any of the key stories from his autobiography

We're missing the real Marco Rubio scandal: The problem isn't his financial trouble, it's that he's a corruptible sneak

"Fantastic Beasts" producer dismisses criticism of his all-white leads: "There are people of color filling this world in an organic way"

Ben Carson, utterly clueless: 5 times he made a complete dunce of himself

The Bush dynasty is tearing itself apart: What George H.W. Bush vs. Dick Cheney is really about

Thanks for nothing, Buddie: 4 reasons Ohio's marijuana legalization initiative failed

Move over, "Girls" — Aziz Ansari's "Master of None" is the new definitive millennial comedy

Tarantino’s street cred gamble: The art of violating racial boundaries and saying the unsayable — and how it's going to pay off

Chris Christie & Mike Huckabee kicked off main debate stage: Fox Business Network relegates them to the kiddie table

My sister did not pass away: This is the secret I need to share

"Nobody’s bigger than me, nobody’s better than me, I’m a ratings machine": Watch highlights from the first time Donald Trump hosted SNL

"It's happening in every law enforcement agency across the country": The stunning rate of sexual assault among local law enforcement

5 revolting apps for people with way, way too much

The big "liberal-media bias" lie: Ahmed Chalabi, Judith Miller and the right's greatest fantasy

America lost in Afghanistan: Anatomy of a foreign policy disaster

Marco Rubio's big debt fraud: He'd blow a Pentagon-size hole in the budget. So stop pretending he's serious about the debt

Gun nuts don't care that you're afraid: How Second Amendment fetishists created a terrorized society

The Bushes eat themselves alive: Daddy tosses W. to the wolverines -- but Jeb! cannot be saved

Bill Nye demolishes climate deniers: "The single most important thing we can do now is talk about climate change."

"I could see him making a black joke and taking it too far": New Yorkers weigh in on Donald Trump's upcoming SNL appearance

Trevor Noah's appendix nightmare: I thought I was "dying," "keeling over from pain"

"They think that they have nothing more to lose": Young Palestinians on the frustration and oppression fueling the current wave of protests in Israel

The Democrats' dangerous post-Obama world: Why its demographic "advantage" doesn't actually mean much

"I can't listen to this sh*t": Larry Wilmore decimates Ben Carson's rap ad

Hillary Clinton shocker: If I were running against Bill, I'd kick his a**

Jill Biden lets her freak flag fly: Call me captain of the Vice Squad!

Martin Short mocks Bernie Sanders' age: "The only time he doesn’t have to pee is when he’s peeing"

Paul Krugman: The Very Serious People who nearly destroyed the American economy have learned nothing from their failure

"An urban island of batsh*t crazy": Welcome to the capital of crazy corruption -- a Connecticut city which re-elects its felon mayors

New "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer seems to be for a film that might actually be good

"That's tyranny": Viggo Mortensen blasts U.S. militarism, criticizes both parties for "hawkish" foreign policy

The paranoid right's fake martyr: How "another cop executed in Illinois" fed their dangerous myth-making machine

Shepard Smith calls out Fox News colleagues for dishonest Black Lives Matter smears: "Don't get ahead of the news ... It will run you over"

The Adele factor: What the phenomenal success of "Hello" could mean for Apple Music, Spotify and good old-fashioned cd sales

Climate victory: President Obama expected to finally reject Keystone XL pipeline

"Morning Joe" is mourning: Chris Christie's debate demotion hits his biggest fans hard

5 reasons Dana Carvey's new show "First Impressions" could be the hit he deserves

Chloe Sevigny adds fuel to the anti-vaxxing autism panic fire: "I could see people being afraid of vaccinations. There are many unknowns"

Ben Carson's stealing valor: GOP hopeful admits to lying about West Point scholarship

Marco Rubio is in big trouble: Why the GOP's extremist fringe is mobilizing against him

What Clinton and Sanders both get wrong about gun control

Awkward Jeb vines are the best: How the clumsy #JebNoFilter pandering of “I’m black and I’m proud" becomes comedy gold

Ben Carson supporters scramble to defend their candidate after West Point lie exposed

Meanwhile, the other half of conservative Twitter is convinced Ben Carson's cooked

Secrets of the climate deniers exposed: Exxon Mobil and the plot to keep the public in the dark

Obamacare heads back to the Supreme Court: Justices will hear challenge to contraception coverage