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74% of Gaza homes destroyed by Israel in summer 2014 war have not been rebuilt, as violent repression escalates

David Brooks has lost all control: This is how the far right stole the GOP -- and they are not giving it back

Escaping the princess-or-superhero trap: Target strikes another blow against the tyranny of pink and blue

Bernie Sanders slams "overt partisanship" of GOP leaders who rejected Obama's final budget before it was even released

Flint officials could face involuntary manslaughter charges over water scandal, top investigator says

Sophina DeJesus, Formation, Cam Newton: It's been a big week for #UnapologeticallyBlack

Jeb Bush's fatal flaw: After years of campaigning, he still doesn't know how to campaign

Obamacare keeps working: New data puts repeal-happy Republicans like Paul Ryan in a tough spot

Trump to New Hampshire: "I really don't care" if you die on the roads -- just love me

David Brooks begins a conservative 12-step program -- after eight years of giving right-wing looniness the cover of his respectability

Paul LePage demands credit for his racist rhetoric: "I had to go scream at the top of my lungs about black dealers coming in" to get more DEA agents

Hillary Clinton's political machine has been busted — thanks to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

GOP Islamophobia: Two-thirds of New Hampshire Republican primary voters want to ban Muslims from entering U.S.

Neil Young is taking his campaign against Monsanto and GE crops on the road

Belly's second chance: No longer overshadowed by indie rock peers, this '90s alt-pop band's reunion is a new shot to shine

White woman walks ahead: Jessica Chastain starring in a film about Sitting Bull is everything that's wrong with prestige films

Bernie and Hillary: Where does the saga of the grand visionary and the granular strategist go from here?

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump projected to win New Hampshire primaries: Associated Press

Twitter erupts over near-instantaneous declaration of Trump and Sanders victories in New Hampshire

Bernie's big win: Sanders goes on offense in rowdy New Hampshire victory speech

Donald Trump piles on the B.S.: During New Hampshire victory speech, all he does is double down on extremist nonsense

After New Hampshire the Sanders campaign is anything but dead so we mashed up "Weekend at Bernie's" with the Bern — and it's absurd and hilarious

Dear Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem: Feminism demands we reject America's deadly imperialism

Donald Trump's shock-jock campaign: The white nationalist stole his whole shtick from Michael Savage

Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz appeals to GOP voters because of his "troll-like quality"

What the media hides about China's economic slowdown: Greed has corporate elites turning blind eye to nation's environmental destruction

New Hampshire and Obamacare: What Donald Trump's victory says about GOP healthcare priorities

"Trust me it's not just about having a vagina": Young women aren't listening to older feminists' "ignorant" pleas to vote based on gender

Lingerie, booty shorts and high heels for toddlers: More proof of the disturbing sexualization of really young girls

"He's from Brooklyn": Newscaster explains why Bernie Sanders hits shot after shot while playing hoops in New Hampshire

"As long as she texts them from Bill Clinton’s phone": Triumph the Insult Comic Dog solves Hillary's problem with women voters

Seth Meyers rumbles with Martin Shkreli, levels Big Pharma

"Sex with the lights on": John Oliver mocks Coldplay's "excruciating" Super Bowl halftime show

Trump's on the rise and The Marcobot is on the fritz: Why Marco Rubio's New Hampshire disaster could be the beginning of the end

BDS's "South Africa moment"?: As states pass resolutions condemning BDS, it's more important than ever to fight for Palestinian freedom

Calm down about this "civil war": Why the Hillary vs. Bernie rivalry won't hurt Dems in November

Bernie supporters shouldn't celebrate just yet: He's still no lock in future primaries

Donald Trump is "not in love with" John Kasich anymore, now that he's a viable candidate after New Hampshire primary

GOP establishment savages John Kasich after surprising 2nd place finish in New Hampshire

Trump's inferiority complex is getting the best of him as he blasts the NY Daily News for its New Hampshire coverage

Bill Maher blames Sarah Palin for Donald Trump's rise to the top of the Republican Party: "She was the immaculate mis­conception"

Bad night for Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump upend everything with blunt talk

Bernie makes history: After the New Hampshire earthquake, his "revolution" enters uncharted waters

The next move for surging Sanders: As Clinton gets a pass on her foreign policy record, Bernie must go nuclear on this alleged strength

Kasich is almost as bad as Trump: Don't let the Donald's repulsiveness distract from the ugliness dished out by other candidates

Johnny Depp gives Donald Trump the Funny or Die treatment in surprise biopic

Jeb-mentum! Marco Rubio's disastrous New Hampshire performance leaves Jeb Bush in a happier place

Kanye 2020 is in trouble: His "Bill Cosby innocent!" tweet goes beyond harmless trolling

Bernie Sanders shifts to face black voters with a crucial nod from Ta-Nehisi Coates and a one-on-one with Rev. Al Sharpton

Ted Cruz believes in nothing: The fundamentalist charlatan craves power above all else

Bill Maher takes down the GOP field: "Ted Cruz is smart and evil. The other ones are true dummies -- like Rubio"

America's post-New Hampshire madness: What you need to know about the state of the 2016 primaries

The truth about Hillary Clinton's "problem" with women: In reality, men in New Hampshire also rejected her in droves and backed Bernie

"Drown the bunnies": Mount St. Mary's president fires faculty for backlash against his "put a Glock to their heads" freshman retention plan

This is the establishment's worst nightmare: What Bernie & Donald's stunning New Hampshire wins really mean

Michelle Alexander explains exactly why black voters shouldn't surrender their vote to the Clintons: Their legacy was a disaster for black America

Swipe right, build a squad? Why a Tinder-style app won't help me find new friends