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John Kasich makes play for the misogynist vote: He wants women out of the doctor's office and into the kitchen

Sanders vs. the CIA: In 1974, Bernie called the agency "a dangerous institution that has got to go"

These are the absolute best #obamaandkids photos on the internet

Camille Cosby's moment of truth: After months of stalling, Bill Cosby's wife and business manager finally goes under oath

John Lewis staunchly opposed the Clintons' gutting of welfare in 1996, yet now endorses Hillary and slams Sanders

Cruz campaign forced to fire national spokesman, apologize for one of its "dirty tricks"

The sinister seduction of "Cherry Wine": Domestic violence, filtered through a soft Instagram gloss

This 110-year-old woman doesn't care about anything, just wants whiskey and naps

Oscars reward actors of color when they play stereotypes: "They were not the same kinds of roles that a non-minority would have"

25 "facts" that really aren't: You've heard them all your life and they just aren't true

"My friends and I are indoor kids": Paul Rust on "Love’s" dorky movie themes, working with Judd Apatow and subverting rom-com clichés

Michael Pollan has no answers: Yet another patronizing appeal to "cook real food" won't solve our broken system

"Here for the right reasons": Why people really agree to go on "The Bachelor"

"He was your average Joe": The police and the media coddle another white killer

Leave the Girl Scouts alone: Latest missive in the creepy, sexualized right-wing war on the youth group comes from a St. Louis archbishop

Transgender migrants headed to the U.S. from Central America are especially vulnerable

What "Downton Abbey" tells us about Obamacare

How opium defeated America in Afghanistan

Robert Reich: Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump

America's hidden economic crisis: The rising tide of statewide recessions & the GOP lawmakers who refuse to help

Bernie Sanders has a turnout problem: Young people can lead a movement, but they rarely send candidates to victory

Marco Rubio can't buy this: Big money and establishment cash won't beat Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

Fox News can't hide from its Trump crimes: How Newt Gingrich of all people held the network accountable

"It's the corruption, stupid": Hillary's too compromised to see what Donald Trump understands

The one campaign reform all Americans should get behind: Federalize our elections!

"It’s been used as a weapon": How right-wing judges have perverted Brown v. Board beyond recognition

Charles Koch's deceptive Sanders ploy: How the right-wing oligarch cloaks his dangerous agenda

Stephen Colbert will not miss Jeb Bush: "Jeb distinguished himself as a moderate by making a moderate effort"

Trevor Noah sticks a fork in Jeb Bush: "His campaign died as it lived: standing in an awkward silence, trying not to cry"

Megyn Kelly schools Paul Ryan on civics seconds after he condescendingly explained how bills are passed

"They're either a d*ck or Professor Ted Cruz": Seth Meyers unpacks the South Carolina spin

Samantha Bee just ended the John Kasich charade: "In the nauseating bus terminal restroom that is the Republican primary, Kasich initially seems like the least disgusting stall"

Donald Trump threatens protestor: "I'd like to punch him in the face"

"Sharenting": Most children have 1,000 images of them posted online before their fifth birthday

Unhinged Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson humiliated by CNN's Jake Tapper for her boss' Rubio birther idiocy

"He will do the right thing": Spike Lee endorses Bernie Sanders in new ad

Nutjobs are bankrolling Ted Cruz: His deep pockets prove that the donor class is no different from the right-wing crazies

Dr. Luke: "I didn't rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her"

Bill O'Reilly demands meeting with Pope Francis to tell him what Jesus really thinks about immigrants

The truthers are out there now: “The X-Files” revival failed the show’s mysterious beauty

Watch Trump supporters duped by fake "blonde Fox News robots" into endorsing the most vile anti-immigrant positions

Liberals, give Antonin Scalia some credit: His stance on civil liberties is one issue even Democrats should appreciate him for

Dr. Luke's calculated #FreeKesha denial: Saying he's the son of "a feminist mom who raised me right" can't shut down her support

"Dear Fat People" shlock-vlogger freaks out over Ashley Graham's Sports Illustrated cover: "Barbie had to look like she eats cheeseburgers to make feminists happy"

Donald Trump declares that, should he win, he will prosecute Hillary Clinton because "she seems guilty"

"Smell dating": Online matchmaking service sends stinky t-shirts in the mail and you decide which one turns you on

Ben Carson's desperate, last ditch play of the "race card": President Obama is not authentically black because "he was raised white"

9 reasons Chris Rock is the perfect person to host the 2016 #OscarsSoWhite

"I don't want to pass this on to the next president": Obama lays out plan to finally close Gitmo

Bill Maher is right about ISIS: New study confirms numbers in his controversial Hollywood Reporter piece

Apple vs. FBI: Leave the phone locked

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