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Trump's "Muslim ban" could provoke a constitutional crisis: Will the executive branch ignore the courts?

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Alex Jones' Infowars reportedly has a White House correspondent for its new Washington, D.C., bureau

Orrin Hatch's raging hypocrisy: The Utah Republican wants Democrats to follow the rules he shattered

Virginia Republican on Obamacare protesters: "The women are in my grill, no matter where I go"

POLL: Will Democrats succeed in stopping Trump's SCOTUS nominee?

President Trump's former EPA transition leader wants "substantial cuts"

Chris Christie finally dares to criticize Donald Trump — just as he officially becomes the most unpopular governor in New Jersey history

“Queer Eye” won’t make America gay again: Why rebooting the hit makeover show isn’t the healing Trumpland needs

Malcolm McDowell on the appeal of villainy: "We’re all looking at Trump now. He’s fun. No wonder they write about him all the time."

WATCH: Trump, Boy Scouts of America offer unlikely support of LGBTQ community

"The Expanse": Syfy's futuristic drama returns and looks more probable than ever

What’s gone wrong in the seven countries Trump included in his ban?

"The great vampire squid”: Goldman Sachs' influence on America's future

Right-wing congressman has women up in his grill — and he better get used to it

Ford CEO Mark Fields: Automakers will have to adapt or die over the next century

Trump's enigmatic Supreme Court pick: Neil Gorsuch is too conservative for many liberals, too liberal for some conservatives

Pushing back: McCain emerges as Trump's top Republican nemesis in Congress

Filing suit: Democratic state attorneys general begin Trump pushback

Jewish Community Centers in six states had to be evacuated due to bomb threats

Republican leaders "proudly" defend Trump poaching congressional staffers to help draft refugee ban

Neil Gorsuch: President Trump's anti-choice pick for the Supreme Court

Fearing protest, Donald Trump cancels trip to Wisconsin

The ghost of Merrick Garland: Democrats, angered by GOP obstruction, may dig in on Neil Gorsuch

5 warning signs that your neighborhood is gentrifying

Payback to the Christian right? Donald Trump owes a huge debt — and Neil Gorsuch is the first installment

President Trump hints at possible reversal of Medicare drug negotiation pledge

WATCH: Jon Stewart predicts President Trump's next executive orders

President Trump's executive order on Muslims is a ban, no matter what Sean Spicer says

Getting paid in the White House: Donald Trump's properties were paid $14 million by the government and RNC

Donald Trump's treasury pick Steve Mnuchin may have lied about foreign investments during confirmation hearing

Trump and the Saudi king discuss major pact to confront Iran

White supremacist Richard Spencer agrees with Trump administration's decision to omit Jews from Holocaust statement

Profiles in cowardice: GOP leaders quail before the throne as Trump undermines democracy

Donald Trump taps Liberty University leader Jerry Falwell Jr. to lead higher education task force

Look Again

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The Nevada playbook: Harry Reid's Democrats won big here in 2016 — and it can be done in other states

"Real World: SCOTUS Nomination": Trump’s prime-time announcement was underwhelming TV but effective politics

Empty East Wing: First lady Melania Trump may stay at Trump Tower, won't move to Washington after all

During "listening session" with black leaders, Trump blasts CNN, calls Frederick Douglass "somebody who has done an amazing job"

GOP blows up Senate rules to advance Steve Mnuchin, Tom Price despite Democrats' boycott over "inaccurate" testimony

Trump's Army Secretary nominee wants to buy a stake in an airline that deals in military contracts

Trading in a tower for the White House: Will Melania Trump move to Washington soon?