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Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Stephen Miller admits the new executive order on immigration ban is same as the old

Trump campaign staff to White House: The president won't make embarrassing tweets if he doesn't read any negative publicity

Meet the DNC dark horse: Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg is shaking up the race for Democratic chair

Federal judge upholds Maryland's assault rifle ban, calling the guns "weapons of war"

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Real fake news: German newspaper retracts bogus story about sexual assault by migrants

Paul Krugman blasts Trump's economic arrogance

7 Earth-size worlds found orbiting star; could hold life

Tom Hanks is coming out with short fiction anthology revolving around typewriters

Donald Trump is struggling to keep his border wall promise

"Milo bills" crop up across the country: Republicans rush to court right-wing troll by protecting offensive speech on campus

"That is really bad": President Trump discovers the horrors African American slaves endured

CPAC helped bring the alt-right into the conservative movement but now wants them out

Hate is coming to a campus near you: Meet the evangelical bigot helping Trump deregulate America’s colleges

Trump administration to lift transgender bathroom guidance

In the face of the Trump presidency, Katy Perry asserts her political self, but to what end?

Oscars 2017: How to piss off Trump and influence people

"Creepy . . . but impressive" facial recognition software is going to the next level

2017 Academy Awards: Who will win the Oscar for best picture? (poll)

Think about it: Trump's mouth shoots first, asks questions later

Puzder’s failed nomination reminds us why the secretary of labor matters

Your Taxes Are Funding a Secret, Multibillion-Dollar Government Enterprise That Tortures and Kills Tens of Millions of Animals Every Year

Can we finally ditch the white working-class myth? Obama-to-Trump voters weren't the problem

Standing Rock is burning in the snow and departing water protectors grieve DAPL progress

Trump may get most federal judicial appointments since 1950s

Praise, criticism follow Trump's transgender bathroom executive order

"Donald Trump makes Mexicans not important": Sen. Tom Cotton faces angry constituents at town hall meeting

Why do right-wingers favor Keith Ellison in the DNC race? Various reasons, and they're not pretty

Myth of the "unbortion": Anti-choice legislators push the lie that "abortion reversal" is possible

Red, rural America acts on climate change – without calling it climate change

Will Trump and Bannon drag us into another big ground war? It could happen sooner than we think

Sessions: US to continue use of privately run prisons

WATCH: Stephen Colbert explains Alex Jones, President Trump's "CAPS LOCK" adviser

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was blackmailed over Russia ties after being hacked: report

Americans think President Trump's conflicts of interest are unethical: poll

Don't live in Indiana? You didn't win the $435 million Powerball jackpot

Chris Christie may be leaving politics to focus on sports talk radio: report

Alan Colmes, liberal voice on Fox, dead at 66

President Trump's hiring decisions are quick, based on loyalty and are like "The Apprentice"

GOP lawmaker calls for Trump's border wall, warns nuclear weapons may be hidden in marijuana

Brain tumor patient removed from hospital, detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Bill Maher's outrageous statements about Islam and Muslims are beyond the pale

Arizona Republicans want to empower the police to arrest peaceful protesters

GOP senator is prepared to subpoena President Trump for his tax returns

More than 100 women get "Nevertheless, she persisted" tattoos in Minneapolis

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Conservatives are still wary about Trump's conservative bona fides

24 arrested in Anaheim protests after an off-duty cop shoots at teens on property