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Anne Hathaway: Hollywood's most polarizing star

Chris Christie caves on Obamacare

Marissa Mayer, morale killer

The music business gets off the gurney

Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea to engage in "basketball diplomacy"

CBS's half-baked "Golden Boy"

Frat bros for trans rights!

Kentucky PAC slurs McConnell family

"Makers": How the feminist revolution was (partly) won

"We saw your junk": The inevitable parody arrives

SCOTUS rejects challenge to surveillance law

"Downton Abbey" to introduce first black cast member

Pat Robertson: There could be demons attached to your thrift store finds

Media controversy of the day: Washington Post reporter pro-gay

Access to federally funded research doesn't honor Aaron Swartz

Tearing the GOP apart

You will be able to board the Titanic in 2016

Interspecies friendships are real!

DHS releasing illegal immigrants before sequester

Senate confirms Hagel for defense secretary

"The girls rattle their OxyContin"

"Pig rescues goat" might be fake, but interspecies friendships are real!

Tales of a 60-year-old hitchhiker

No, Hillary Clinton is not too old to be president

Tina Fey: "No way" would I host Oscars

NRA trounced in Illinois

Don't believe Apple

One student dead in SC college shooting

Can an online market for meth, smack and pot win?

Hillary the field-clearer

Ghosts of the Tea Party

House Dem tells Hannity he's "a shill for the Republican Party"

Survivor of sexual violence at Lackland Air Force Base speaks out

American scholar discovers trove of unpublished Rudyard Kipling poems

Study finds more breast cancer among young women

Christie snubbed from CPAC over Hurricane Sandy aid

Must-see morning clip: Donald Trump addresses Lil Wayne tweet and "Celebrity Apprentice"

Manning's 1,001 day detention ruled "reasonable" length

House GOP caves on Violence Against Women Act

Bobby Brown sentenced to 55 days in jail for DUI

GOP lawmaker: I'm a birther

Bahrain bans Guy Fawkes masks amid protests

Atheist group wants recognition in Christian school

Immigrant detainees released to save money

"Parade's End": So admirable, yet so unlovable

Fifty shades of ... beige?

Kathy Bates to play Jessica Lange's enemy on "American Horror Story"

Dear Cardinals: Pick a winner!

Ultra conservatives like the sequester

GOP finds a cut it doesn't like

Progressive evangelical attacks safety net

Watch: Lena Dunham as Jessica Chastain in "Zero Dark Thirty"?

Krauthammer: Christie gave Obama a "lap dance"

Study: When it comes to online dating, everyone's a little bit of a Catfish

Robin, Batman's sidekick, to die

Study: Wealth gap between whites and blacks has ballooned

New York magazine asks 28 men and five women to assess Philip Roth

Senators clash over need to ban assault weapons

The sequester will hurt victims of domestic violence

Anonymous group claims to show BofA monitored hackers, activists

American classical pianist Van Cliburn dies at 78

Emergency contraception use grows, access does not

Ohio court spars with lawyers in school Bible case

MTV dubs Will Ferrell a comedic genius

Supreme Court: Racism deniers?

Here's your sugar-coated Satan sandwich!