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Dominican police say prostitutes were paid to lie about Menendez

FDNY commissioner's son quits over racist tweets

Reddit launches original Web series

Colbert backs his sister

Meet Reno Saccoccia: Steubenville's head football coach

UCF: Drop-out planned campus attacks

China warns U.S. not to antagonize North Korea

Have Republicans read their new rebranding report?

Trump, rejoice! "Celebrity Apprentice" ratings slightly up

Sarah Silverman considering Christian prostitute role in upcoming Seth MacFarlane western

Delhi men take to the streets in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence

Cyberattack on Florida election is first known attempt

Fox making a documentary about Rihanna's disastrous 777 tour

Iraqi professor: "Life became like a slow film in which everyone dies"

Prince is not a baby boomer

Did they have sex or not?

When the war came for me

Vietnamese women weren't the only rape victims in Vietnam

No, Jesus wasn't a white dude

Baghdad bombings kill at least 56 on Iraq War anniversary

Steubenville football coach could be Ohio AG's next target

Is "Olympus Has Fallen" anti-Obama?

What's not being taught about the Iraq war

Who's held accountable for Iraq?

The GOP's phony silver lining

Does it get better for LGBTQ college athletes?

Rand Paul endorses immigrant path to citizenship

Citigroup shells out $730 million to settle class-action suit

Defense contractor leaked nuclear secrets to Chinese lover

FBI launches publicity campaign to nab notorious art thieves

The education of John Hickenlooper

Social conservatives slam RNC for supporting Rob Portman

Hacker "Guccifer" distributes Hillary Clinton's Libya memos

Must-see morning clip: Books you should not read, according to Jimmy Fallon

Lululemon recalls "too revealing" yoga pants

Strategist in RNC reboot calls Obama a "socialist"

Cyberwar manual: Civilian hackers can be targets

7 marines killed in Nevada military training exercise

Pope Francis' inauguration address: "Protect each other"

Iraq War, by the numbers

Will abandoning weapons ban help gun safety?

"Bates Motel": We need to talk about Norman

With stop-and-frisk on trial, City goes after plaintiff

"Girls" season three seeks "heavyset alcoholic," "chainsmoking nurse," "Latin maintenance worker type"

Why are we supposed to have sympathy for rapists?

Rumsfeld: All involved in Iraq deserve "respect & appreciation"

Lil Wayne reportedly released from hospital

Lily Tomlin: "Young people don't even know who Bella Abzug was"

Teen girls arrested for menacing Steubenville rape survivor

GOP Senate candidate: Paul Ryan too moderate

Psy to change name of "Gangnam Style" follow-up over fear of offending Arabs

Gossip singer Beth Ditto arrested for disorderly conduct

Republicans still fundraising for Scott DesJarlais

Panel of anti-gay religious leaders advised on "The Bible"

Family of Daniel Pearl welcomes suspected kidnapper's arrest

Steve Kornacki blows "Up"

Minimum wage critics are "hopelessly reactionary"

Eggs will roll: White House holiday tradition spared by budget cuts

"Rainbow equality house" moves in across the street from Westboro Baptist compound

Inside the Aryan Brotherhood's prison heroin empire

BBC gets heat for censoring Elvis Costello's 1979 hit "Oliver's Army"

Will Wikipedia replace the academic thesis?

America has stopped worrying, loves the bomb

Literature meets television in Slaughterhouse 90210

Five things we know about "Guccifer"

Homeowner shoots, kills teenager who mistakenly entered the wrong house

MSNBC selectively remembers the Iraq War

How not to update our electronic privacy laws

David Frum on Iraq: There was no WH debate