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"Breaking Bad" returns in August along with talk show

Marco Rubio is giving away free phones too?

Pat Robertson: Gay marriage advocates are like Illuminati, want to build "country without God"

Empathy for Boston, from Iraqi children

Senate rejects expanded background checks

Arkansas abortion ban faces legal challenge

GOP filibuster kills background checks

Kevin Clash accuser drops lawsuit

Tribeca Film Festival: The 10 hottest movies

Officials see possible suspect in bombing

"The Legend of Zelda" gets a feminist makeover

We can't make every marathon safe

Microsoft offers enhanced security for sign-ins

Obama on failed gun bill: "A shameful day for Washington"

North Korea open to talks with U.S.?

A brief history of America's homemade bombs

Obama: The NRA "willfully lied" on guns

Aaron Brown on CNN's bad day: John King will "have the hardest time sleeping tonight"

Our crowd-mobbed vigilante future

More thinking on bisexuality

Young, gay and trying too hard

How many pets can we save?

Massive explosion rocks Waco-area fertilizer plant; 100 reported injured

Latest from Boston: Authorities have image of suspect, don't know name

Mississippi man arrested in ricin case

Unknown number killed, more than 100 injured in fertilizer plant explosion

Police: 5 to 15 killed in Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Eden Foods CEO's bad week continues

Minority of useless undemocratic legislative body blocks modest gun control legislation

Giffords is a fighter, and NRA will be sorry

Giffords on gun vote: The Senate "gave in to fear"

Anonymous gives Westboro Baptist a makeover

Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert parodies "Accidental Racist"

House GOPer: ExxonMobil should be "patted on the back" for handling of oil spill

Disney announces schedule for "Star Wars" movies

Former president Musharraf flees Pakistan

More problems for Mark Sanford

Sister of Newtown victim: I am "disgusted and disappointed in our Senate"

Bachmann's ex-chief of staff breaks silence in ethics probe

Cannes Film Festival's 2013 lineup announced

Why can't America unite on the economy?

Image provokes hunt for Boston bombing suspect

Ohio Catholic school teacher fired after being outed by an anonymous letter

Newsrooming it: How Aaron Sorkin reframed bad media behavior

Obama to honor Boston bombing victims

Twitter launches music feature

Bill O'Reilly responds to David Sirota column, calls him a "loon"

Rep. Steve King calls immigration bill "outrageous amnesty"

New York Post fingers two Boston "Bag Men"

Stop posting that Dove ad: "Real beauty" campaign is not feminist

Immigration: The latest watered-down compromise GOP hates anyway

Home: America's most dangerous place

McDonald's surprising pro-transgender bathroom policy

Testing is killing learning

New app helps Icelanders avoid accidental incest

Fox News poll: Homegrown terrorists bigger threat than Islamic terrorists

McConnell ad links "dirty" Progress Kentucky to Obama

Obama: "There is a piece of Boston in me"

Obama at Boston Marathon memorial: "Every one of us stands with you"

Boston aftermath brings out America's worst prejudices

The right's new Boston conspiracy theory

Denial behind the scenes at the "Today" show

House passes cybersecurity bill

Post editor on "Bag Men" cover: "We did not identify them as suspects"

House passes CISPA

Video: Chicago sinkhole eats three cars

The agony of Reddit

Critically ill woman faces jail time if she goes forward with lifesaving abortion

Shocking video footage of Texas blast

Extremists blame everyone but white men for Boston bombings

It's OK to use incomplete sentences. Really

Oklahoma GOPer: Sometimes customers "try to Jew me down"

GOP Rep. embraces Boston conspiracy theory