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"Beer with a side of sexual harassment": Sexist dive bar owner is blasted by Yelp commenters

Amazon's newest service lets you borrow a "goat grazer"

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"This is why the police have militarized": Conservatives respond to Baltimore riots

Chicago bar owner vows to "burn this f**king place to the ground" before he'll remove spy mirror from women's restroom

The simple "secret" to making a woman orgasm no one understands

Our stunted democracy could learn from Kazakhstan: Another Bush/Clinton race doesn't look free to the rest of the world

Louis Farrakhan, rising: With rap's superstars at his side, the Nation of Islam leader steps forward in the new fight for civil rights

Secrets of the female pickup artist: There's an art to asking strange men for sex -- and not getting shot down

Joss Whedon's doomed struggle: "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and superhero cinema's decadent phase

I also left my kid in the car: Mothers share stories of their own public shamings

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Murray, mom in tennis shoes in '92, stands her ground

Robert Reich: Americans are utterly powerless

Marriage equality is only the beginning: As SCOTUS prepares to make history, here's what's on the horizon for LGBTQ rights

The Supreme Court can't fix Ted Cruz's America: Why bigotry will survive even if marriage equality wins

Police morale can wait: How the Baltimore riots should reshape Attorney General Loretta Lynch's agenda

"You don’t have no choice but to agree with me": Bernie Kerik on his new role as prison reform crusader

Roger Waters to Robbie Williams: "Your decision to play in Tel Aviv gives succor to Netanyahu and his regime, and endorses their deadly racist policies"

Ted Cruz has no path to win: His play for evangelical vote won't fly as GOP's Wall Street and Tea Party wings collide

North Dakota Republican admits Grindr user is "outing" him in retaliation for antigay vote

Salman Rushdie digs in on the Charlie Hebdo PEN fight: "Our fellow artists were murdered for their ideas and you won't stand up for them"

Shep Smith smacks down fellow Fox News panelists over Baltimore violence: "They feel powerless and hopeless"

Jon Stewart blasts CNN for skipping Baltimore coverage to focus on the "meaningless White House Correspondents' Dinner circle jerk"

Sean Hannity shamed by Baltimore protester: "You're not concerned about the welfare of black people!"

Fox guest to Megyn Kelly: Martin Luther King Jr. is "spinning in his grave" over #BlackLivesMatter

Anti-choice lawmaker threatens to set himself on fire to protest abortion

Conservative media falls for a hoax: Harry Reid injury truthers just got played

GOP's Benghazi charade continues: Dragging the politicized inquiry into the 2016 election

Adam Sandler film producers caught on tape arguing with Native American extras: "We're not going to change Beaver Breath"

"There is nothing 'black' about rioting": Actor Jesse Williams unloads on Baltimore critics in passionate Twitter essay

Minecraft strikes a small blow for gender balance

"I'm an emotional chameleon": Watch Robert Downey Jr. fake his way through 7 feelings for Jimmy Fallon

Putin says Russia over worst of economic downturn

The American dream goes to hell: How colleges are shutting their doors—and leaving students with the bill

The official Amy Schumer doll is here -- and it comes complete with birth control

Missouri town and men's rights activists agree: Teen girls should be punished for having nude photos leaked

Larry Wilmore bungles Bruce Jenner coverage in tone-deaf segment: "How are you so sure you’re a woman?"

Dr. Phil lectures Baltimore protesters: "Where are their parents?"

Baltimore's shame is America's shame: How job flight & police brutality spelled doom for Freddie Gray's neighborhood

America's biggest poultry producer pledges to stop using human antibiotics

Lest we forget: When white kids do it, it's not a riot, it's a "celebration"

Morrissey hates crowdfunding: "A desperate measure, and insulting to your audience"

"English Only, USA!": Man ejected from kindergarten concert after spewing hate speech

5 "unhealthy" foods we got all wrong

Brian Williams' last hope: NBC News chief Andrew Lack "believes viewers want him back"

Hillary will laugh all the way to the White House: How the GOP's boneheaded Obamacare fixation boosts her bid

Questlove sounds off on Baltimore riots: "Thugs" is a racially coded word

Climate science and religion are "fully aligned": Vatican summit calls on Catholics to fight global warming

Donald Trump: Obama has failed the city of Baltimore -- but "I would fix it fast!"

Donald Trump, monumental moron: The puckered sleazebag's immigration "plan" will make you cringe

Mark Ruffalo tackles all the sexist interview questions co-star Scarlett Johansson usually gets

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"Violence is never the answer": Former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis pleads for peace in the streets

Ben Carson's asinine Baltimore reasoning: "If you have an unpleasant experience with a plumber, do you go out and declare a war on all plumbers?"

You won't learn everything you need to know about Baltimore from "The Wire," but it's a start

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Baltimore Orioles announce they will still play on Wednesday -- to an empty stadium

The media's stunning Baltimore betrayal: Demonizing protesters & giving police brutality a pass

Alliance of Baltimore street gangs: There is no conspiracy to attack the police

What we talk about when we talk about black protesters: A history of right-wing dogwhistles