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Megyn Kelly tears into Ted Cruz over ridiculous debate demands: "Would we have to submit our voting records to you?"

Watch Donald Trump's youngest fan explain her support: "Only let people that I know into the country"

Geraldo Rivera accuses Obama of ignoring a "ghetto civil war"

Fox News declares war on Stephen Colbert: Jesse Watters and Eric Bolling whitesplain that Black Lives Matter is a fake movement

Not playing fair: How Christine Fair, defender of U.S. drone program in Pakistan, twists the facts — and may have conflicts of her own

Obama-bashing worked for Matt Bevin. It won't work for David Vitter.

Robin Williams' last gift: His death is helping us talk about letting go of life with courage

Love to laugh at Fox News? The new sitcom "Fair and Balanced" sounds amazing

Bernie Sanders' latest racial blind spot: Hillary's right on gun control -- urban vs. rural really means black vs. white

The secret history of bathroom panic: Inside the right-wing campaign that paved the way for Houston's anti-LGBT vote

"You can come here, be a professional teddy bear and actually make a living": New Orleans buskers give life to French Quarter

Harry Reid takes to the Senate floor to rip "Morning Joe" for its fawning Koch brothers interview

Louisiana police kill 6-year-old boy after high-speed pursuit

We choose to be anxious, stressed, afraid: "We set ourselves the goal of trying to avoid things that are utterly out of our control"

Meet the Republican Mitch McConnell called a "pathological liar": How Gov.-elect Matt Bevin decimated Kentucky Democrats

The media's insane new Iraq War lie: Why is it so hard to say that Bush and Cheney were the architects of disaster

The GOP is a neo-Confederate party now: The South and the religious right have devoured the Republicans whole

"Trumbo" and the long, dark shadow of the blacklist: How a Hollywood gossip columnist launched the culture wars

Checking in: Why is hotel sex so hot?

Judy Miller's ghost lingers: Putin, Syria and how the New York Times cheers on a new Cold War

The Spike Lee “Chi-raq” trap: For black directors, even a film trailer is an impossibly high-stakes release

Bob Dylan's "electric trilogy" masterpieces: I played all 18 discs and 357 tracks. Here's why you should

Jennifer Lawrence needs to watch Amy Schumer's "Last F**kable Day": This is her ingenue blind spot

The water wars are coming: Civilization will never survive climate calamity

"It's a ripoff": The cold truth about cold medicine

San Francisco sells its soul: Money rules the city now, bohemia be damned

Ben Carson's big race con: The desperate, hateful effort to pretend the Southern Strategy never existed

"Education is good": "Crippled America" and the world according to Trump

The brewing Ted Cruz vs. Marco Rubio showdown: Why conservatives are girding for this two-man race

"It was propaganda!" Larry Wilmore unloads on everything Texas

One pill the first day, four to follow: The safe alternative to clinic-based abortions that women aren't using

"Go home or we will gas you until you die": The horrifying orders from an Israeli border guard to Palestinians

Ben Carson: Of course the pyramids are ancient grain silos, don't let "the scientists" tell you otherwise

Quentin Tarantino: The police would rather start fights with celebrities than examine why the public has lost trust in them

George H.W. Bush unleashes fury on "iron-ass" Dick Cheney and "arrogant" Donald Rumsfeld in new biography

This is not a joke! Listen to Ben Carson's hilarious new rap campaign commercial

Hillary Clinton's anti-Sanders smears are completely out of control: Why her latest Bernie broadside is utterly hypocritical

The meaning of Matt Bevin: Why his victory undermines a major Democratic Party theory

"Support briefs, not billionaires": You can now buy underwear with Bernie Sanders' face for $15

Trump's secret "SNL" promo promises an explosive show: Taunting "real loser" Ben Carson and the FCC teases a no-holds-barred night

Ronda Rousey gives terrible sex advice: "If you need lube, then you're being lazy" shows she has no business telling other people how to get off

Stephen Colbert goes to war with Donald Trump: "Crippled America is just a terrible phrase that sounds deeply offensive. Kind of like 'President Trump'"

Jennifer Lawrence found an easier solution to the gender pay gap with her new Amy Schumer collaboration: "There’s not really boys in it"

Rush Limbaugh gave us Fox News and the Tea Party: How his conservative media revolution wrecked Washington for good

"Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli is about to get grilled: Congress calls him to Capitol Hill for hearing on prescription prices

Overheard On The Daily Show

Enough about Kim Kardashian's sex tape: How hard does a woman have to work to prove she's earned her success?

"That was not his demeanor": Ben Carson's classmates, neighbors deny his violent past

"Socality Barbie" calls it quits: After thoroughly mocking "curated" millennial Instagrams for months, the social media sensation retires

America's plutocrats should be very afraid: The one simple thing that can win back democracy

Ben Carson's bizarro-world pyramid madness: This is why evangelicals adore him, and everyone else will find him nuts

Megyn Kelly laughs at Donald Trump for his thin-skinned attack on CNN reporter who inadequately praised him

Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism is not long for this world

2nd Amendment fanatics are just this desperate: How wing-nuts with guns are trying to hijack the Constitution

Aziz Ansari delivers the only perfect Bobby Jindal joke you'll ever need to hear

"Hillary's campaign is powered by pizza, anal" — wait, come again?

Donald Rumsfeld fires back at George H.W. Bush's "arrogant" diss -- by calling the ex-president an old fart

Neil deGrasse Tyson destroys argument for intelligent design: "I cannot look at the universe and say that yes, there’s a God, and this God cares about my life — at all"