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David Daleiden's sleaze factory: His latest court defeat exposes how slimy the Center for Medical Progress is

Designer concealed gun purses are sadly very on trend this season

Rudy Giuliani rips Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime as an "outrageous ... attack on police officers"

Donald Trump endorses beheading, robotic Marco Rubio self-implodes, and the GOP insanity only gets wilder

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Novelists Sara Gruen and Sarah McCoy in conversation: "I study history through a kind of 'Alice in Wonderland' looking-glass"

The lightweight candidate: Rubio's NH town hall left no doubt he's in it for himself and the plutocrats who fund his campaign

Don't mourn "The Good Wife": A great show should be allowed to go out with its head held high

Could Jeb-mentum be real?: The GOP's "low-energy" candidate veers left — and New Hampshire loves it

O.J.'s yes men and the celebrity echo chamber problem: "People come to believe that their version of the truth is correct"

Police: Off-duty Memphis officer shoots intruder at home

4 ways the atheist movement is failing (and how it can improve)

Paul Krugman has it backwards: Hillary supporters are the ones in a fantasy world

They'll never give her a fair shake: Hillary coverage marred by rank sexism

Iraqi woman charged with role in Kayla Mueller's death

Robert Reich: Democrats can't give in to defeatism

It's a special club and you're not in it: Being in the same social class as the Wall Street bank you're borrowing from pays off -- just ask Timothy Geithner

GOP candidates just love to fear-monger about President Obama "gutting" military — his latest move proves them wrong, again

Sorry, America: I created Donald Trump's political career

NYC public schools closed to honor the Lunar New Year for the first time ever

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This is the only way to rein in the environmental recklessness of powerhouses like Exxon Mobil and BP

"They just don't have any other option": Why crappy wages are ruining the American dream — and costing taxpayers

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In New Hampshire, rallies and protests speak volumes about what's motivating Democrats and Republicans in race for White House

Big drama in New Hampshire: Bernie blowout could spark Hillary campaign shakeup; Trump poised for 1st victory and Rubio's future looking fragile

Everyone pity Donald Trump Jr. now: "In this country, I'm the son of a billionaire — I can't even have an opinion anymore"

Donald Trump relishes opportunity to say something "you're never allowed to say" by repeating it

Frat-boys are waterboarded "every day on college campuses," so it's good enough for terrorists, Eric Trump insists

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“He’s possessed by a demon!”: Retching hecklers attempt to perform an exorcism on Ted Cruz

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Lena Dunham's "TMI" power: Opening up about her own body smashes stigmas around women's health

"21st-century McCarthyism": NY bills would make a blacklist of those boycotting Israel over human rights violations

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Ted Cruz's Victorian ideals: Cruz using draft issue to signal he's the most anti-woman candidate in the race

Can Marco Rubio be saved? Conservative media tries to clean up his massive blunder, but he's been exposed as robotic establishment stooge

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