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Grain mixed, livestock mostly higher

An illustrated guide to the many women Don Draper has slept with on "Mad Men"

"Stories like these are good at scaring people": Congressman shoots down right-wing ISIS myth in pitch-perfect Facebook post

In unprecedented move, Russia moves to ban Tom Hardy film "Child 44" for distorting history

Record Store Day needs to die: The cynical, bloated event is ruining the fun of collecting music

A "free range" family fights back: "The police coerced our children into the back of a patrol car"

"You're a 10-foot-tall crybaby": Bill O'Reilly destroyed by another Fox host over "War on Christianity" claims

Chris Christie changes tune; now supports mandatory vaccinations

Memo to Patricia Arquette: Pizza can teach you everything you need to know about feminism

Yes, "Game of Thrones" creators "know what the end is"

Louie C.K. apologizes to Sarah Palin for filthy Twitter rant

This "Obama-hating" Tea Partier may vote for Hillary — just so he doesn't lose Obamacare

Cheap Trick is one of the best rock bands ever -- why aren't they in the Hall of Fame?

"'SNL' is a wonderful experience, but it also tests the limits of human emotions": Gary Kroeger looks back on his three seasons

The Boston Marathon and Reddit: When the Internet's deluded amateur-hour detectives ran amok

Disney-linked measles outbreak soon to be over in California

Climate change plan faces high-profile legal test

Rand Paul can't escape his sexism: Why his pouty, combative interviews will haunt his campaign

The 9 states where marijuana will be legalized last

The U.S. military is never leaving Africa: How 9/11 spawned a permanent war

Nazi-hunting in South America: Germany's official agency has a new mission

Fear of a female president: How Hillary's ambitions -- and defeats -- have shaped TV's political women

Chris Christie's dangerous Social Security demagoguery: Cloaking the plutocrats' agenda in populist rhetoric

Here's where Hillary needs to flip-flop: The tax hike she must reconsider to save Social Security

America's over-criminalization epidemic: How the prosecution of Atlanta teachers exposes a broken system

Chris Christie says the next GOP candidate will be a governor (nudge nudge, wink wink)

10 vintage restaurant commercials that will remind you how weird the '90s were

Joe Scarborough's petulant Chris Christie tantrum: Complains about the New York Times' "naked agenda"

Fox News host Martha MacCallum sneers at Women on $20s: "I don't like it being a 'woman thing'"

"I hear Satan snickering": Tennessee House votes to designate the Bible as official state book

Right-wing freak-out over teacher's "pretend you are Muslim" assignment: "What does this have to do in the role of a history class?"

Rand Paul gets the David Letterman treatment in glorious, absurd 2016 gag

Bill Maher's long anti-Islam history: "To claim that this religion is like other religions is just naive and plain wrong"

Jimmy Kimmel discovers the ridiculous reasons people didn't pay their taxes

Lying, cheating, stealing, winning: The shocking motivations of American voters revealed in new study

We've criminalized childhood: Free-range parents meet out-of-control cops

California could force crisis pregnancy centers to stop lying to women about abortion

“What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

TIME 100's biggest celebrity butt-kissing moments: "A voice that I can only describe as being blessed by God"

Rand Paul's nauseating Koch suck-up: 2016's "libertarian-ish" candidate brownnoses the billionaire brothers

Ben & Jerry's is making a dessert beer, God help us all

Obama, Ferguson, and "I can't breathe": Rihanna skewers "the new America" in a new politically-charged anthem

The dystopian way employers are ruining their workers' job prospects

Sarah Palin's incoherent Facebook brag: "I was in our bus wrapped in the Constitution!"

Marco Rubio’s gay rights hypocrisy: Sure, I’d attend a gay wedding!

How we (re)named our transgender child

A Maori action movie? Hell yes: It's the crazy, gory, gleeful martial-arts movie you didn't know you needed

Bill O'Reilly forced to play dumb in police-violence debate: "It's an impossible question to answer!"

Laverne Cox goes nude: "I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent"

Internet shaming is not the enemy: Why our conversation about online pile-ons is so warped

Wall Street's new huge gamble: Why they're betting Hillary Clinton will stay in their pocket

"The Daily Show" skewers hipster Christians in pitch-perfect correspondent segment

"SNL's" dark, troubled past: New documentary chronicles the show's struggle with sexism & race

Michigan business owner refuses to serve gay people because you can't put a car together with "all bolts and no nuts"

Jon Stewart slams media for showing “video of an actual murder” over and over and over again

E-cigarette use tripled among high school students in one year

Indisputable proof that Republicans are warriors for the aristocracy

Here is some incontrovertible "proof" that Florida hasn't banned the words "climate change"

"Effeminate" liberals are sexually attracted to "masculine brutality of Islam," according to right-wing rabbi

Stop whatever you're doing and watch the new "Star Wars" trailer

Thanks to WikiLeaks, 30,000 leaked Sony files are now available in a searchable database

What a surprise: Report finds CBC "condoned" Jian Ghomeshi's "disrespectful and abusive behavior"

Carly Fiorina's "gender card" trouble: White House hopeful thinks the 2016 race is a game of "Magic: the Gathering"

Science finally explains the real reason dogs are man's best friend

"Does Bruce Jenner want boobs?": Sony email hack details Cameron Crowe/Amy Pascal emails about Jenner, Bill Murray, Bradley Cooper and more

NFL reinstates Adrian Peterson in wake of child abuse charges

Let citizens film the police! It's the only way we learned what really happened to Walter Scott