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Remembering Letterman's famous "lost" Bill Hicks stand-up set

Tamir Rice was killed 171 days ago. The investigation into his death is still dragging on

"The hypocrisy is quite apparent": A Satanist tells Salon about the group's fight for reproductive -- and religious -- freedom

Grover Norquist's version of prison reform is a moral disgrace: Why America's bipartisan fetish shouldn't obscure its sins

Researchers say chewing gum can chase that catchy song out of your head -- unless it's one of these monsters

Wall Street greed refuses to die: How lobbyists & dark-money groups are exposing us to another disaster

Letterman's 10 best "Jay 'Big Jaw' Leno" insults: "The most insecure person I've ever known"

"Academia is the Titanic": Mark Bauerlein on teaching in the morally-bankrupt grind of the new American university

Rock critic Jessica Hopper on being young, female and unapologetic about her place in the canon: "If I don't fit in it, then who the f**k does?"

"Mad Men" and Big Business: How the show's unabashed conservative capitalism drew us in

How a six-month separation saved our marriage

Letterman's ironic legacy: The bemused cool that shaped a generation, from Buzzfeed's lists to smug Ted Cruz

LeBron scores 38, Cavs down Bulls 106-101 in heated Game 5

LeBron scores 38, Cavs down Bulls 106-101 in heated Game 5

Plan OK'd to drill into BP's ill-fated Macondo reservoir

"Farkhunda is our sister": A murder, a martyr and an Afghan revolution in the making

David Brooks should stick to having a midlife crisis: Why he's clueless about "the center-right moment"

You can't kill the Christian right: Why extremists are thriving even with religion in decline

Wingnuts have weaponized Jesus: How the religious right hijacked Christianity

"Citizens in uniform": The trajectory of the police away from law and accountability is getting greater every day

The Ebola buffoons get humiliated: The politicians and pundits who were the wrongest about Ebola

"You need to ally yourself with the future": What Hillary Clinton can learn from Labour's British defeat

Eyewitness accounts of Amtrak derailment paint a grisly picture

Bill Clinton tells Letterman he'll move back into the White House -- if Hillary will let him

Rachel Maddow delights in Jeb Bush’s cascade of failures: "He's running a terrible campaign so far!"

Everybody hates David Vitter: How the wingnut managed to tee off everyone in Washington

Donald Trump is a hero among men — tweets about #Trump2016 in wake of Amtrak crash

Jon Stewart eviscerates the Bush family: Praising George W. is like wearing an “I F*ck Dogs” tee

"No one makes my mother wetter than David Letterman!": Adam Sandler salutes the notorious flirt with a musical ode

Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers whine that mean, intolerant liberals don't consider Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann feminists

NYT correspondent defends Sy Hersh's bin Laden exposé: "My own reporting tracks"

Bill O’Reilly: America will fall like Rome if the secular “rap industry” has its way

M. Night Shyamalan's "Wayward Pines": This "Twin Peaks"-lite thriller aims straight for the middle

Texas stripper requests police protection from conservative Christian state senator

Jeb Bush's worst week yet: How his Iraq debacle could doom his White House hopes

David Letterman's classic Johnny Carson appearance after Jay Leno gets "Tonight": "Just how pissed off are you?"

Hours after deadly Philadelphia derailment, House GOP proposes Amtrak cuts

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty

"Deal with your sh*t, white people": Professor ignites a right-wing firestorm over "white college males as a problem"

"The Daily Show" weighs in on "Dad Bod" sexism: Society will never value "Mom Bods" in the same way

Bernie Sanders' golden bin Laden opportunity: Could the Seymour Hersh controversy shake up 2016?

"Always maintain your masculinity": Misogynists freak out over Charlize Theron's role in "Mad Max"

Indie cinemas fight back against bullying by corporate movie chains

Dear Facebook "friends": No, we shouldn't protest when police are killed

Jerry Seinfeld's masterful David Letterman appearances: Four killer 1980s stand-up sets from "Late Night"

How will David Letterman sign off? Searching for clues from the 1990s

"SNL's" Leslie Jones fires back at racist trolls: "If you call me a gorilla, I'm gonna call your momma one"

Badass of the day: Marijuana activist lights a joint on live television

Jay Smooth: Maybe having Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill isn't the best idea

Poisonous cops, total immunity: Why an epidemic of police abuse is actually going unpunished

Our food system is still a toxic mess: Mark Bittman on changing the way America eats

Bruce Springsteen sends off David Letterman: The raucous "Glory Days" which ended "Late Night"

"God I want you right now": Missouri House Speaker allegedly exchanged sexually charged texts with an intern

Snapshots of a racist teacher: What a principal's bigoted rant shows us about American education

Here's how we make Twitter suck less: The bold steps needed to drain the misogynistic cesspool

This is why Amtrak train derailed: The real story behind our disastrous infrastructure neglect

"SNL" signs off for the season with a spectacularly uncomfortable Louis CK promo

Scott Walker can't believe it's been 505 years since settlers arrived in Jamestown -- maybe because it hasn't?

Do-It-Yourself Dentistry: It's a real thing. We watched the videos. We don't recommend it.

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Amy Schumer skewers David Letterman's obsession with the "chick who can hang"

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears lean in: "Pretty Girls" celebrates a macho, winner-take-all feminism — and not much more

Jeb calls in the troops: His cynical new Iraq answer sounds all too familiar

California judge: Abstinence-only sex education isn't sex education at all