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“These children have been forced to do and see things no child should ever experience"

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10 Things to Know for Today

The GOP circus is no laughing matter: One of these clowns could actually win it all

Desperate times call for desperate stunts: Tips for GOP long-shots looking to make the debate cut

Paul Krugman channels "South Park": Fighting conservative "derp" is your civic responsibility

Fox News' Chris Wallace slams Rick Santorum: If the pope can't talk about climate change, why can you?

John Oliver blasts the U.S. bail system for locking up poor people regardless of guilt

Texas cop suspended after pulling gun on teenagers at community pool

Franklin Graham demands Christians boycott Wells Fargo after touching ad "crams moral decay down our throats"

"A wheelchair can become just a big sex toy": Disabled activist organizes groundbreaking orgy

Apple wants a lead role in streaming music

Rick Perry and America's barbaric horror: Why his 2016 campaign should intensify the death penalty debate

"Total bullsh*t": 5 things Kurt Cobain's close friend says aren't true about "Montage of Heck"

Fox News' religion correspondent: The Duggars should remain on TV because they're "not a bad example" of Christian living

GOP Catholics think they know better than the pope: Why they break with Francis on poverty, death penalty and free markets

George W. Bush reportedly pocketed $100,000 for homeless shelter fundraiser speech

The 8 best moments from the American Film Institute's celebration of Steve Martin

Abortion rates are going down -- except in states where access is most restricted

Seinfeld slams politically correct students for hurting comedy: "They just want to use these words, 'that’s racist, that’s sexist, that’s prejudice'"

More Duggar bombshells are coming: "We have some significant things coming out" says InTouch editor

Lindsey Graham: "If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a Republican, she is welcome in my party"

The Duggar sisters stay on script while the family-values empire melts before their eyes: "We've never claimed to be the perfect family"

Massive endowments, massive tuition, massive debt: Our colleges are out of control and crushing students

Bill Nye's LightSail finally unfurls in space

Mike Huckabee defends creepy transgender locker room fixation as "commonsense"

"We don't serve your kind here": Yelp tears into Arizona bar that ejected transgender woman

"Gilmore Girls" creator fought to cast Melissa McCarthy: "Be willing to be fired and say to Mr. Person With Money, 'You‘re wrong'"

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton sold out Honduras: Lanny Davis, corporate cash, and the real story about the death of a Latin American democracy

South Carolina police officer Michael Slager indicted for murder of Walter Scott

Progressives' dangerous self-delusion: Why SCOTUS gutting Obamacare won't harm the GOP

Hillary shocker: Who needs Elizabeth Warren? Clinton unleashes inner liberal, media freaks out

Spike axes Clint Eastwood's insensitive joke about Caitlyn Jenner from Guys Choice Awards

Theme park employees among more than 100 arrested in massive child sex offender bust

The New York Times' asinine new Hillary meme: Will no one think of the white people?

"Game of Thrones" recap: There is no commodity in Westeros more valuable and more worthless than a girl

Fox News contributor: Hillary Clinton's push for early voting is "perpetuating this bogus, race-baiting narrative"

Gay-friendly airfare promotion sparks right-wing freakout: "Sue them for discrimination, turnabout is fair play"

Chris Christie stunner: Former associate says New Jersey guv broke the law

Capture the Duggar base: Bobby Jindal's desperate home-school Hail Mary is 2016's strangest strategy

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Twitter explodes over #McKinney, Texas cop who tackled black teen girl in video

"Game of Thrones" politics: "What great thing has ever been accomplished without killing or cruelty?"

Colorado homeowner irate at police who destroyed his home to arrest a shoplifter

California women will soon be able to get birth control prescriptions straight from their pharmacists

#meowOUT: Mayim Bialik's quest to destroy the stigma of the cat lady

Grain higher, livestock mixed

It's time to stop solitary confinement: How many more Kalief Browders will it take?