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"Harry Potter" fans, rejoice: J.K. Rowling is writing a new children's book now

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A social media star comes clean: "Everything I was doing was edited and contrived to get more value"

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10 people who could also sue Taylor Swift for plagiarizing lyrics to “Shake It Off”

The terrifying consequences of open carry: Neighbor's pleas for help go unheeded before gunman kills three

Spontaneous ulcers, 4-hour erections, death: Big Pharma's list of side effects is terrifying

"Your little brother is not the ultimate authority": How Jeb Bush cheated America & helped deliver the presidency to W

Jimmy Fallon's falls aren't funny anymore: If the rumors are true, he needs help, not laughs

Is there a G-spot orgasm or isn't there?: 7 myths you've been taught about vaginas

Gillian Flynn isn't writing "the next 'Gone Girl'": "I feel like I need a break from their voices in my head"

I signed up for a suicide hotline: What I got sounded more like phone sex

"Star Trek" vs. peak TV: How can the campy, hopeful space drama compete with "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead"?

Bluegrass stunner: Kentucky elects Tea Partyer Matt Bevin governor

5 things that wouldn't be happening if America were a functioning democracy

Blazing our way to apocalypse: The unexamined source of our climate catastrophe

Republicans don't want a debate at all: The real reason for their endless bellyaching

America's post-Citizens United dumpster fire: How the campaigns are blowing holes in what remains of campaign finance law

The GOP primary is satire from hell: Why Donald Trump's mad house would make Howard Beale squirm

Wow, even Bill O'Reilly has just turned on the GOP circus: "These guys have got to stop whining"

"It was a crap sandwich": Seth Meyers fixes the Republican debates, takes down Jeb!

Sarah Palin for debate moderator! If the wingnuts want to pick their questioners, here are some suggestions

Prosecutors are addicted to the War on Drugs: Inside law enforcement's rabid defense of mandatory minimums

Donald Trump's race-baiting is about to get even uglier: How he's dragging the GOP to a hideous new low

Bill O'Reilly's demented criminal justice fantasy: Hang low-level drug offenders!

Carrie Brownstein spontaneously married two women at a book event last night

Robin Williams' widow opens up about legal battle over his estate: "Every inch of that home has our laughter, our playfulness, our joy, our tears"

Amazon wants to be hated: First it kills the bookstore, then it wears its skin

Kim Davis is my governor now: I awoke to an idiot Tea Party takeover

Donald Trump can't shut up about his Megyn Kelly feud, even while on Fox News: "Very, very disgraceful"

These are not the only nuts: Tea Party governors and anti-LGBT statutes win when we stupidly stay home

Jennifer Lawrence's revolution: How her "Hunger Games" character inspired the wage gap rallying cry

Transgender bathroom panic triumphs in Houston: The Duggar-level bigotry, fearmongering and lies that set Texas back

Sympathy is for white people: The "60 Minutes" segment that highlights America's startling double standard on addiction

Big Business tried to monopolize legal pot: Why Ohio's vote against recreational weed was actually a good thing

It can still happen here: Donald Trump, Ben Carson and the "American fascists" among us

Following in “Serial”’s footsteps: A new documentary investigates murdered journalists, a possible government conspiracy, and delivers no conclusive answers

Stop pretending right-wing Christians are being persecuted. They're the ones who just overturned LGBT equality in Houston

They still can't win next year: Bigots and Tea Party wingnuts prevailed yesterday, but that doesn't equate to President Carson

Must-see: This is Trevor Noah's sharpest GOP takedown yet, destroys "your terrible candidates and ridiculous events"

Small-bore reform won't cut it: Joseph Stiglitz says it's time to "rewrite the rules" of the U.S. economy

"Replace outdated, inhumane ways of responding to crime": Aloe Blacc on erasing a stigma that haunts former prisoners

Thanks to Lorne Michaels, we get 10 times more Trump on "SNL" than originally planned

Michael Moore's gutsy new film: Our military has not won a war since World War II

The Kentucky Obamacare debacle: How the state's crackpot new governor could sabotage a huge health reform success story

Ted Cruz wants a foot massage: Even Megyn Kelly is laughing at GOP crybabies now

Watch some of Robin Williams' most brilliant and inspirational moments as new light is shed on his cause of death