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US Navy ships to accompany US-flagged ships in Gulf

Robert Reich: The wealthy have broken society by siphoning all its money to themselves

Unchecked global warming may doom one-sixth of the planet's species to extinction

Journal rejects female-authored study: "Find one or two male biologists to work with"

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How the Dow Jones industrial average fared Thursday

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I secretly lived in my office for 500 days

"Welcome to Me": Kristen Wiig's magnificent, terrifying, hilarious voyage into madness

10 Things to Know for Friday

Nets try to take force No. 1 seed Hawks to go the distance

White America's racial amnesia: The sobering truth about our country's "race riots"

America's telecom nightmare is just beginning: What the failed Time Warner merger means for us all

The left's Citizens United hypocrisy: Why Hillary is getting a free pass

McDonald's is still killing us: Reforms aside, the food industry hasn't solved the biggest problem -- itself

The dangerous trap Bernie Sanders must avoid: Why bashing Hillary Clinton isn't the way to go

10 Things to Know for Today

"It's a ritual of reassurance": Fox News, Wolf Blitzer, "thugs" and Baltimore's sorry media spectacle

"Louie" does gender performance, pegging, and contemplating being a woman

Donald Trump on a jet plane: A luxury look at a (probably fake) presidential campaign

Ted Cruz skipped Loretta Lynch vote to shmooze with donors -- claims "absence is the equivalent of a 'no' vote"

"The Daily Show" tearfully says goodbye to "Senior Senior Correspondent" Samantha Bee

Paul Krugman blasts GOP candidates: "Moral cowardice should be outright disqualifying in anyone seeking high office"

Bill O'Reilly's hateful Baltimore analysis: Rioters can't get jobs because of their victim mentality

Morgan Freeman on coverage of Baltimore protests: "F*ck the media!"

"Reality": A mind-melting journey into the subconscious of '70s cinema

Jon Stewart slams Hillary Clinton for failing to disclose 4 years of foreign donations

How a pit bull started a (minor) outbreak of the plague

Larry Wilmore sits down with Baltimore's Bloods and Crips: "You know the cops are running wild when gang leaders start sounding like Noam Chomsky"

Man detained with Freddie Gray speaks out: Police "are trying to use me to cover their ass"

Teen girls protest school’s sexist prom message: "There are no posters that say 'protect his character'"

Child finds loaded gun in House Speaker John Boehner's Capitol bathroom

Enjoy secondhand embarrassment? Watch Hoda Kotb perform "Uptown Funk"

In Baltimore news coverage, echoes of Rodney King: "You see a lot of editorials masquerading as news"

2016's progressive, offbeat anti-candidate: How Bernie Sanders promises to shake up the debate

Mike Huckabee doesn't speak Spanish, but he does "speak Jesus": Inside the GOP's hopeless religion gambit

8 “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul" revelations from Vince Gilligan’s Reddit AMA

The sad, starving face of California's sea lion pup crisis

Iowa Republican's nonsensical rant: Feminists should oppose same-sex marriage because same-sex marriages are sexist

Fox News blames Baltimore for America's sins: What Hannity & O'Reilly ignore about the roots of the Freddie Gray tragedy

Freddie Gray's death ruled a homicide: Baltimore police officers to be charged

Fox News guest: Let's airlift Michael Moore to Baltimore and see how long he survives

What's next for Michelle Obama after office? Raising David Letterman's child

Kim Kardashian speaks out about Bruce Jenner: Support "meant the world to him"

Farewell, Samantha Bee: From "Proud Vagina American" to mocking Sarah Palin, here are 12 unforgettable moments from the most senior "Daily Show" correspondent

Obamacare is helping Texas, no thanks to Rick Perry and Ted Cruz

Meet Marilyn Mosby, the badass prosecutor fighting for justice in Baltimore

Chris Christie allies hit with federal conspiracy charges in Bridgegate investigation

Students rally around gay teacher who says Catholic school gave him two choices: Leave your fiancé or lose your job

Satanist challenges Missouri's 72-hour abortion wait: It's "a burden on my sincerely held religious beliefs"

Amy Winehouse's dad blasts doc makers: "You're trying to portray me in the worst possible light!"

"We’re confident in his character": Jameis Winston is the final crack in the NFL's phony "reforms" on violence against women

Texas lawmaker introduces "coerced abortion" bill so extreme that even her GOP allies are running for the hills

Super Hero Girls: My daughter wants comic stars that look like her -- and your son needs them, too

Gay couple evicted from their Airbnb rental by “straight-friendly” hosts

"Hollywood is gross": Why did Mae Whitman lose her part in the "Independence Day" sequel?

Tom Cotton returns, with guns blazing: How the hawkish senator's latest Iran stunt backfired

Twitter conservatives can't wrap their heads around Marilyn Mosby -- so they attack her instead

Grain mostly lower, livestock mixed

Climate-denying House Republicans are trying to destroy NASA's Earth science budget

Former Marine on CNN: "When I fight for my country, I'm a patriot -- when I fight for my people, I'm a f*cking thug!"