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Twitter trolls are now abusing the company's bottom line

George Will says Donald Trump is simply making the wrong argument about rigged election, is incredibly wrong

Hillary Clinton's calls to "retrain" police to combat racial bias isn't enough to stop injustice in the justice system

Police have gathered facial recognition files on half of adult Americans — and Big Brother never forgets a face

Religious right suddenly decides morality's not important in politics: How in the world did that happen?

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Michael Cohen for doubling down on his boss' "unattractive" defense

Are you underpaid? Glassdoor lets you see how your salary compares to your co-workers'

"Siri, do the dishes": Apple moves into the "smart home" market

Watch the third 2016 presidential debate live: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

Ivanka Trump distances herself from Donald Trump, Republicans: "I am not a surrogate. I am a daughter"

Trump campaign sued over Donald Trump Jr.'s Skittles tweet

WATCH: Sexual assault survivors deliver powerful message to Donald Trump: "What happened to me was not just locker room talk"

Proxy debate between Rudy Giuliani and Mark Cuban was as fun as it sounds

"No, you're the puppet": Highs and lows of the third presidential debate, as told by Twitter

Donald Trump refuses to say he'll accept the results of election at final debate: "I will keep you in suspense"

Donald Trump's scary debate moment: He'll set dangerous precedent by refusing to accept a November loss

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is already auditioning for her next gig

Fox News' Chris Wallace is lauded for being first debate moderator to ask about abortion — but he perpetuated a right-wing myth

Donald Trump's voter fraud claims ignore the biggest fraud in the campaign — himself

John Podesta's hacked emails give climate hawks reason to be skeptical

Israel and Palestine won't see a two-state solution anytime soon, even under a President Hillary Clinton

"Such a nasty woman": Donald Trump and the last gasp of an angry id

The Las Vegas puppet show: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's substantive final debate signals the show's almost over

Donald Trump's media network begins with debate livestream counterprogramming

Donald Trump's Al Gore excuse: Why the GOP nominee's presidential debate threat isn't like the 2000 election

The night Donald Trump undermined democracy: Where's all this going, after the election? Not someplace good

Donald Trump supporters defend threat to not concede election loss: It has to be "fair"

Fact-checking the third presidential debate: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton's lies and half-truths

Puppet proxies: Stephen Colbert blasts Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton exchange on Russian President Vladimir Putin

Even the Breitbart poll says Donald Trump lost the third presidential debate

Frank Luntz discovered the third presidential debate made people dislike both candidates

Donald Trump aide Jason Miller avoids Megyn Kelly's questions about Trump's sexist denial about sexist comments

Lessons in the Calais Jungle: Teaching students has taught me about humanity

Fox News host Chris Wallace's presidential debate follow-ups make news

President Donald Trump would be a "step down," GOP candidate's son says

Presidential debate roundup: Why Donald Trump lost, and why Hillary Clinton didn't need to win

The Jim Beam strike: Kentucky distillery workers have started a new whiskey rebellion in the name of sane hours

Hillary Clinton is an actual feminist: She met Trump's misogyny head on, without apology

Watch: Massimo Pigliucci on stoic philosophy — "It empowers you to look at things in a very very different way"

WATCH: Christian Slater explains how James Franco's sex scenes challenged him: "If I’m going to do this, let’s do it”

One company's disaster is the industry's lesson: What Samsung’s problem can teach battery manufacturers

Watch: "Banning the immigration of white men" should make sense to supporters of racial profiling, says "Muslim Girl" author

Fox News' Sean Hannity lashes out at “saboteur” Paul Ryan for not backing Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, and everyone Donald Trump named during the final Hillary Clinton debate

New conspiracy theory: Donald Trump lost the debate because Hillary Clinton cheated

Trump TV is definitely coming: Be afraid! But what the hell will it look like?

WATCH: "Morning Joe" hosts explode after Bill Kristol accuses them of "rewriting history" on their boosting of Donald Trump

Russia wants to monitor the U.S. presidential elections

Science issues seem to divide the country along party lines, which raises the question: Why?

Donald Trump accuses DNC chair Donna Brazile of giving Hillary Clinton questions for Wednesday's debate, admitting that he lost

Right-wing think tank: Donald Trump's tax plan would add very bigly — $6.8 trillion — to the national debt

John McCain tells Donald Trump to move on after losing the debate: "It's the American way"

Donald Trump will accept results of presidential election "if I win"

Donald Trump keeps falling for Vladimir Putin's praise and propaganda, and it's finally hurting his campaign

Alec Baldwin's brother isn't laughing when "Saturday Night Live" parodies Donald Trump

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