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Bernie Sanders to officially announce candidacy Thursday

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Stealing a page from Big Tobacco and climate-change deniers: How Armenian genocide denialists get away with it

Geraldo Rivera schooled by Baltimore protester: "Stop making money off of black pain!"

A "Gremlins" reboot is coming, of course: Someone got this dumb '80s movie wet, and now it's multiplying

Jon Stewart blasts Wolf Blitzer for shock over Baltimore riots: "Ferguson was just a few months ago!"

CNN guest slams media for saying protesters are "thugs": "Just call them n***ers"

"Where is Joseph Kent?": Social media erupts after cameras capture activist's suspicious-looking arrest

10 Things to Know for Today

Ferguson activist perfectly schools Wolf Blitzer: "You are suggesting broken windows are worse than broken spines"

Watch Amy Schumer hilariously eviscerate pop music's tired "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" trope

Bill O'Reilly's hateful Baltimore "lesson": Black communities need to "police themselves"

How good to know! Majority of Republicans would attend a loved one's same-sex wedding

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Grain higher, livestock mixed

Sean Hannity blames Freddie Gray's death on Freddie Gray: "Don't run...when you see a cop"

Purvi Patel to appeal conviction: "Feticide is an extreme, extreme proposition"

Charlie Hebdo and the PEN Award: Petition sent to authors urging them to "disassociate ourselves" from honoring the magazine

The racist end to the War on Drugs: "White America’s just trying to figure out how to take our money"

"Bloods" member to Chris Hayes: "We don't want anyone else hurt. We don't want shooting. We want a cease fire."

Fareed Zakaria admits he drunkenly slept through entire college graduation: "Do what I say, don't do what I do!"

Starbucks' "ethical" water is bottled straight from California's drought

Amy Schumer’s chat with Ashley Madison CEO: Encourage men to cheat when women gain weight, then profit

Black America's Baltimore schism: Why the Freddie Gray tragedy demands serious soul-searching

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Paul McCartney just played this famous Beatles song live for the first time

Fox News' Todd Starnes: "Preaching from the Bible" will be a "hate crime" if Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

Baltimore band Future Islands turns Letterman performance into haunting tribute to protesters: "Let us not discount their voices"

Josh Duggar: Marriage equality discriminates against Christians who want to discriminate

“Last Man On Earth”: Will Forte's boorish bro-meets-whiny Nice Guy is the hero we love to hate

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All political ads are now banned from New York City public transportation

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