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Good news: The ozone layer is showing signs of improvement

Study: People living near fracking wells more likely to report health problems

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How Christian fundamentalist homeschooling damages children

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Cops photograph alleged sleeping Florida burglar

“They refuse to admit they were wrong”: How nightmare prosecutors pervert American justice

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"The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby": A mesmerizing marriage drama -- in three different versions

The real story of how women evaluate men's junk

Obama's ISIS speech: Our ugly national security politics, laid bare

Quotations in the News

Highlights from Obama's speech on Islamic State

5 bogus excuses people use to avoid the flu vaccine

An entire party of Roger Goodells: Calling out the GOP's domestic violence problem

"The protection of these places is a constant battle"

Our ISIS strategy's big flaw: Why the president's speech was filled with holes

Murder charges against Oscar Pistorius dropped

Why celebrity "genius" Peter Thiel is grossly overrated

TV SportsWatch

NFL announces independent investigation into handling of Ray Rice case

Must-see morning clip: Roger Goodell really messed up, says Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert goes all in with partisan buying: "We're a culture war, folks, it's us versus them"

Could magic mushrooms help smokers quit?

Stephen Colbert was outraged by Obama's ISIS plan even before watching the speech

Keith Olbermann: "The owners of the NFL need to publicly and loudly fire" Roger Goodell

Rand Paul to Obama: Don’t arm Syrian rebels

Nick Offerman has very specific, very strange advice for college freshmen

Why do athletes keep avoiding punishment when women get hurt?

Burger King's revolting corporate dream: How they became "citizens of nowhere"

Ravens owner on Rice: "We imagined what we wanted to imagine because we loved Ray"

Gun nuts' insane new crusade: How they explain away fatal accidents with children

UC's climate cop-out: University to fight warming while continuing to invest in pollutors

Bill Maher: "I'm not really scared of ISIS"

"Let that man play!": NBA's Paul George thinks Ray Rice should be allowed back in NFL

Federal prosecutors: Dinesh D'Souza's online activity proves he's not sorry

Amazon deforestation increases by 29 percent

Missouri GOP enacts law to give women's tiny brains 72 hours to understand what an abortion is

"He had his hands in the air!": New witnesses of Michael Brown's killing come forward

Rachel Maddow, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell agree: But the ISIS debate they want simply won't matter

Panicked Georgia Republicans look for an edge: Suppressing black votes

Ray Rice was never going to jail

I didn't just fall down the stairs

Nicholas Sparks makes his first foray into television

Ted Cruz can't wait to run the Senate: The frightening reason why these midterms matter

New York Times issues correction after calling Dick Cheney the president

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton: "Broken windows" critics "just don't get it"

Today in puzzling 9/11 commemorations: Fleshlight honors those who were lost

We only have 100 U.S. senators, and one is just this dumb and dangerous

California hit with record West Nile outbreak -- and its epic drought is to blame

Uber denied service to blind passengers, put a guide dog in the trunk of a car, lawsuit alleges

Internet predators, vicious Amazon reviews, and how Mitt Romney's smile inspired a novel

Watch Ted Cruz slam his haters before getting booed off stage

Ann Coulter: "Obama could commit a murder on the White House lawn -- and they would still support the first minority president!"

Colorado GOP candidate admits he is a Sandy Hook truther

There's nothing "shocking" about growing up

Pat Robertson says "the girl-on-girl movies" are making young people think they're gay

Michael Stipe on America post-9/11: "Are we that violent, that childish, that silly, that shallow?"

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49ers suspend announcer for calling Janay Rice "pathetic"

Ted Cruz's big mouth saves the day: Just as Democrats take a hit, along comes a hero