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From "Breaking Bad" epitaph to corporate YOLO cry: The curious pop culture life of "Ozymandias"

“The Yes Men Are Revolting”: Anti-capitalist pranksters face their own midlife crisis -- and find hope

We can't handle the truth: "Primates of Park Avenue," "On the Run" and nonfiction fact-checking blood baths

Can I ever forgive the Josh Duggar in my life?

Murder charge for woman who took abortion pill questioned

6 laws signed by Republican presidents today's GOP wouldn't dare touch

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Outsourcing, downsizing & Gandhi's spinning wheel

4 shocking ways segregation continues to devastate Black America

Sean Hannity tries to shame activist DeRay McKesson by calling him “a professional protester”

"Confirmed bachelor" Lindsey Graham would use a "rotating first lady" in the White House

Rachel Maddow: U.S. faces health care catastrophe if Supreme Court guts Obamacare

Jon Stewart mocks Cuomo sibling rivalry: The governor will always find time to "give his brother sh*t"

Bob Costas slams ESPN for Caitlyn Jenner's courage award: "Just a crass exploitation play"

This is America's injustice system at work: The Washington elite's defense of David Petraeus will make you sick

Jeb Bush is a compassionless conservative: His "Scarlet Letter" law was even worse than it sounds

Jerry Seinfeld doubles down: “There’s a creepy PC thing out there that really bothers me”

Marco Rubio lashes out at "elitist" New York Times: Why this is just the fight he wants

Rand Paul's conservative "derp": Racism in Baltimore could be fixed if we lower taxes on businesses

Obama hits Republicans with a healthcare truth bomb: Obamacare is the new normal

5 of the most right-on, self-aware parts of Miley Cyrus’s Paper interview

Amy Poehler has a perfect theory about why athletes make the best "SNL" hosts

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The dangerous myths about domestic violence that are putting LGBTQ people at risk

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Greg Gutfeld's new "comedy" show for Fox News shows once again why there are no great conservative comics

Prosecutor drops murder charges against woman who self-induced abortion -- but drug possession charge sticks

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Christian couple threatens to divorce if same-sex marriage becomes legal

Grain lower, livestock higher